Thursday, 13 May 2010

124 of 365

A little piece of social history on May 4th! Somerfield was bought up by Co-op a while ago, and gradually each store is being rebranded. It was the turn of our local store in the first week of May; all the perishable stock was being sold off cheaply, as the store would be closed for over a week while the layout, signs etc were changed. (It's actually due to re-open today, the day this post will publish!)

On that day I snacked on one of the lovely cranberry and raspberry crispy bars that Rhona had sent me - impressed that I've made them last this long, Rhona?! ;-)


Amy said...

looks like you were able to stock up well there Mel!

JO SOWERBY said...

mmmh i remember co-op stamps and we have a local somerfield, hope they do something similar so i can benefit from loads of reductions!
Jo xxx

Rhona said...

Just getting back into blogland again and catching up on posts. I'm very impressed you've made them last this long ;o). Did you like them?