Saturday, 8 May 2010

119 of 365

On April 29th The Girl's class led school assembly. (Each class takes it in turn to lead a couple of Thursday assemblies over the year, and parents of that class are invited along.) The Girl was chuffed to bits that Year 3 chose the Dog's Trust as their class charity this year! The assembly was all about the work of the charity, and about the fund-raising events that Year 3 plan to hold, with the aim of then sponsoring a dog for a year. They had songs, poems, sketches and prayers, and all spoke beautifully and confidently :-)

After that I needed to do the weekly grocery shop - I had a quick snack of an apple beforehand!

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Ruth said...

DS is sitting on my knee as I type this ~ please tell The Girl that he just said, "woof, woof"! x