Saturday, 24 April 2010

The randomness of happy, and the happiness of random

A little while back, Karen tagged me on her blog; after sharing 10 things that made her happy and 5 random facts about herself, she requested that I and a few others did the same. A LONG while back, someone else did something similar and asked me to play along. I thought I remembered who it was, but after visiting their blog I can find no mention of this so (a) it was a VERY long while back, (b) it was someone else entirely, or possibly (c) they were so hurt, upset and offended at my failure to join in that they've deleted that post and cried themselves to sleep every night since.

I hope it's (b).

In which case, if it was you, dear reader, please accept my apologies for my rubbish memory and lethargic reactions. For you and Karen and anyone else who may be interested, here are my lists:

  1. The Doctor. Predictable and cheesy, yes. (His inclusion on this list, not him himself. Obviously.)
  2. The Children. They give me the best of times and the worst of times.
  3. Teaching. (See above.)
  4. Rainbows. They're just happy things, are rainbows.
  5. Blogging: composing posts, receiving comments, and visiting other people's blogs (instead of doing housework).
  6. Cooking. Especially baking. Especially cake.
  7. Reading. (ie books. Not the town near London. Which, y'know, is a lovely place too.... But doesn't necessarily make me happy. Not in my top ten things which do, anyway.)
  8. Happy mail. I got a lovely unexpected package in the mail today! Thank you, Rhona :-) I just love receiving stuff in the post. (In truth, I even quite like junk mail. I can pretend to be popular when I get lots of letters, even if they are just offering me hearing aids or sofa covers or new issues of stamps.)
  9. Being creative. That includes cardmaking, scrapbooking, photography, Shimelle's classes, excuses.... It includes teaching, blogging and cooking, too, but they got their own places on the list. Sorry, scrapbooking and photography. Nothing personal. Hey, at least you made the list! *sigh* Temperamental crafts...
  10. Fun things that you can put on your blog, like this:
(except The Hamster would be jealous)

or this:
(almost unbearably cute)

(sorry Sian)

or this:
(appeals to my not-so-inner maths geek).

Oh, and you can blame Deb and this site for that lot!
Random facts
  1. When I was a child I often thought about running away from home. I would plan meticulously, stockpiling tins of tuna and baked beans, making lists of the clothes I would need, etc. Once The Brother and I actually did run away. We got all the way to the very end of our road before turning back.
  2. I failed one of my A-levels. I got 2 As, 1 B, and 1 N. Let's not talk about it.
  3. I like algebra and sometimes work out equations for fun.
  4. I used to buy pets compulsively. That's why we once had 2 hamsters, 2 mice, 2 budgies and a goldfish. (In a flat where we weren't supposed to have pets at all.)
  5. I was secretly disappointed when The Children stopped needing my help to put their Lego models together. I used to complain about it, but really I enjoyed building those Star Wars and Indiana Jones kits.
Have a happy, random weekend, everyone :-)


Mise said...

It was (c) and it was me, and I can't say any more about it now as I have a lawsuit pending on account of all that grief. Well, it wasn't really, but I feel someone's pain. And I want to know what that failed A-level was. Surely scrapping about it would be cathartic?

JO SOWERBY said...

those cartoons are so cute, esp. the hamster and penguins!!!!! i'm sure the prof is not cheesy at all, he looks pretty gorgeous in transylvania. i also love rainbows, they make me smile alot. glad u took the plunge for a hair bow from rach, which colour have u gone for?
Jo xxxxx

humel said...

Mise, you're right. It was unforgivable. I shall await my summons with resignation and acceptance. PS It was German. But really, let's not talk about it.

Jo, The Doctor is gorgeous here AND in Transylvania. And I went for turquoise :-)

Birgit said...


Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog -- I always enjoy getting feedback. :)

Currently, I have a little giveaway on my blog -- today is the last day to enter. :)

Greetings from Munich,

Scrappi Sandi said...

That'd be me then!!! But I'm not bitter!!!

I am IN LOVE with those penguins...I'm going to hijack some for my blog!!! It's just addictive to make them follow my cursor around!!

I now have visions of your house overflowing with cute pets...Thanks for sharing those random facts!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love, love, love the hamster!

scrappyjacky said...

Those pets are are your facts.

Rhona said...

Glad you got your mail :) Hope you enjoy them!
Glad you chose to share your happy and random this time ;), it's fun reading what everyone says.
Enjoy your weekend xx

Rachel Brett said...

I am loving the hamster too! Great list of what makes you happy :)

Clair said...

Well, you know I have a soft spot for hamsters :)

Anonymous said...

The bit about running away is true. I helped the two of them pack, but they decided to come back far too soon!

Actually, that's not quite true, but I did know they'd gone and was intending to follow after 5 minutes if they hadn't reappeared.

The Mother

helena said...

love those penguins. Saw some rainbow things in a shop last week and thought 'rainbows - Mel would life them' !, funny the details we remember about people.

Sian said...

You might have warned me that the penguins were coming! Yes, I love post too even the junk leaflets. Fab list

Anonymous said...

So enjoyed your list (and the cute cartoons), and it brought a smile to my early morning blog reading! Thanks for playing along.

Lizzie said...

Yay! Such a fun post! We love Newton's Cradle toys here... me & DS have been playing with this one for ages!

Unknown said...

Love the penguins!

Heather said...

I have the hamster on my igoogle homepage!! My son decided to name it Niffy & coloured him purple .....I don't know why....

Cheri said...

Always so clever Mel - I love your list, esp the temperamental crafts - which are among my favorite things!