Wednesday, 7 April 2010

99 things

During my big (ongoing) blog catch-up I've come across this list on several people's blogs, and it's been so interesting to see everyone's answers :-) So here are mine! Everything from the list that I have done is in bold. (And there are only 98 things for some reason, so I added a random extra one at the end....)

Started your own blog (Obviously - you're reading it!)

Slept under the stars (Nope. Camped a couple of times and that was plenty enough for me...)

Played in a band (Lego Rock Band count? No? Oh well...) (A-ha! Edited! Jo counts playing in an orchestra, so I do too!)

Visited Hawaii (I wish!)

Watched a meteor shower (I'd love to!)

Given more than you can afford to charity (As a student, so I couldn't really afford anything, so this wasn't as generous as it sounds...)

Been to Disneyworld (And never likely to)

Climbed a mountain (Unbelievable but true!)

Held a praying mantis (No, but I have held a tarantula and several snakes. Not all at the same time though)

Sang a solo (A couple of times)

Bungee jumped (Once. And never again...)

Visited Paris (Twice - so far! Once as a teenager, for New Year, and once with The Doctor for our 10th wedding anniversary)

Watched a lightening storm (Yep - in the mountains! Spectacular)

Taught yourself an art from scratch (I guess it depends on your definition of 'art', but I've tried many craft techniques and a lot of them I taught myself)

Adopted a child (No, but I have sponsored several children)

Had food poisoning (Sadly)

Walked to the top of The Statue Of Liberty (Maybe one day)

Grown your own veg (Briefly. Then it died)

Seen the Mona Lisa in France (It's so small!)

Slept on an overnight train (Never been on an overnight train, but I find it hard to sleep while I travel anyway)

Had a pillow fight (Many!)

Hitch hiked (Would never dare)

Taken a sick day when you're not ill (Hmmm. Not strictly speaking, but I maybe could have struggled in on a couple of occasions and didn't...)

Built a snow fort (On one of the few opportunities to do so in this country!)

Held a lamb (The farmer was cross about it though...)

Gone skinnydipping (Not likely!)

Run a marathon (Again, not likely!)

Ridden in a gondola in Venice (Not yet, but maybe soon)

Seen a total eclipse (Don't think so, anyway)

Watched a sunrise or sunset (Yep, both. I saw a sunrise from a plane only last week!)

Hit a home run (As if!)

Been on a cruise (A couple of summers ago, round the western Mediterranean)

Seen Niagara Falls in person (One day...)

Visited the birthplace of your ancestors (Not many generations back though!)

Seen an Amish community (No opportunity)

Taught yourself a new language (Depends on your definition of 'taught yourself', and also on how fluent I then need to be!!)

Had enough money to be truly satisfied (Which is to some extent a state of mind anyway)

Seen the Tower Of Pisa in person (Albeit from a distance, out of a coach window!)

Gone rock climbing (Does an indoor rock wall count? Or a scramble over some cliffs?)

Seen Michelangelo's David (Oh yes!)

Sung Karaoke (Umm. Enough said)

Seen Old Faithful (Nope...)

Bought a stranger a meal in a restaurant (Not likely to!)

Visited Africa (Tunisia)

Walked on a beach by moonlight (And paddled by moonlight too!)

Been transported in an ambulance (Two - on the same night)

Had your portrait painted (More of a caricature but probably the closest I'll get...)

Gone deep sea fishing (Does lobster potting count here?)

Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower (With The Doctor, on that anniversary trip)

Gone scuba diving (Maybe one day?)

Kissed in the rain (A long time ago!)

Played in the mud (Of course)

Gone to a drive-in theatre (Never even seen one!)

Been in a movie (Nope. Been on TV though)

Visited the Great Wall Of China (It's on my list!)

Started your own business (Can't imagine it somehow)

Taken a martial arts class (Can't imagine this one either!)

Visited Russia (Not yet. The Doctor has though)

Served in a soup kitchen (No, but I'd like to some time)

Sold Girl Scout cookies (Nor eaten any)

Gone whale watching (One day maybe!)

Got flowers for no reason (Surely there's always a reason though?)

Donated blood (I wish I could. I have a needle phobia)

Gone sky diving (Never will)

Visited a Nazi Concentration Camp (I don't know if this is something I'd want to do to be honest - please don't misunderstand me when I say that!)

Bounced a cheque (Oops...)

Flown in a helicopter (Maybe one day?)

Saved a favourite childhood toy (Still have a couple of teddies!)

Visited the Lincoln Memorial (One day)

Eaten caviar (It's never appealed!)

Pieced a quilt (Not yet, but this does appeal)

Stood in Times Square (One day!)

Toured The Everglades (Where? Ah, is that Florida?)

Been fired from a job (Nope, and hope to keep it that way!)

Seen the Changing Of The Guard in London (Visited London on several occasions)

Broken a bone (Both little toes, several times...)

Been a passenger on a motorcycle (Motorbikes scare me to death)

Seen The Grand Canyon (Would love to)

Published a book (Not yet! Only articles. I've edited a book though. And The Doctor's published several)

Visited the Vatican (Not properly - we drove past it...)

Bought a brand new car (Unlikely)

Walked in Jerusalem (One day)

Had your picture in the newspaper (A couple of times)

Kissed a stranger at midnight on New Years Eve (No lol! Better not say 'One day' to this one ;-) Might upset The Doctor!)

Visited the White House (Not yet)

Killed and prepared an animal for eating (Never!)

Had chickenpox (Oh yes... And have a couple of scars to prove it)

Saved someone's life (Not knowingly!)

Sat on a jury (Never been asked)

Met someone famous (Aled Jones, Jools Holland, Johnny Ball, a couple of politicians)

Joined a book club (Sort of! Didn't actually manage any meetings!)

Had a tattoo (The needle phobia prohibits this one...)

Had a baby (Twice)

Seen The Alamo in person (One day, perhaps)

Swam in The Great Salt Lake (Ditto)

Been involved in a lawsuit (Thankfully!)

Owned a cell phone (Several)

Been stung by a bee (And a wasp. Ow)

Performed on stage in a capital city (I've danced on stage in London! This is the extra, random thing to make it up to 99....)

Not bad, but not even half of them are in bold. May need to work on that! ;-)


Sian said...

It's a great list! I've been having so much fun reading the answers to this that I've started compiling an all-new version; so look out for that. My visit to Africa was Tunisia as well (but you kind of knew I was going to say that, didn't you? I mean Carthage? what's not to like!)

scrappyjacky said...

Great list,Mel....and I love your little explanations!!

Jane said...

Yes great list - I had fun doing mine although it took me a few days from when Sian posted it on her blog - can't wait to see what Sian does in an all-new version!!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

So fun to read your list, Mel. I plan to post this list myself sometime soon. :o)

Rachel Brett said...

What a great list Mel, Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm pleased you enjoyed your visit : )

Clair said...

There are always things to learn about people, aren't there? I may have to test you on the ones you think I've done before I post my version of the list. Be prepared!!! x

furrypig said...

loving your 99 things! I too am catching up on blogs having been away for a week so need to get blogging about my trip and update with pics etc etc. Transylvannia looks interesting!

Lizzie said...

Ooh, a good list! I didn't notice there was one missing though. I could've added similar to yours - I was in a choir that sang Handel's Messiah and Borodin in the Royal Albert Hall. It was great fun!

Mise said...

May you be emboldened to make more list items warrant bold text. You have quite a way with comments, by the way.

Jo's Place said...

Such a great list, I think I might have to copy this and fill in my bits on my blog. So great to get to 'know' you a little better :)