Monday, 29 March 2010

79 of 365

On March 20th I burnt my arm!! :-( I was cooking eggy bread for The Boy and his friend, and caught my arm on the edge of the pan :-( (You'll be pleased to hear that amputation was not required, though I do still have a mark!)

Luckily I managed not to burn myself on the toastie maker while making my own cheese toastie:


Lizzie said...

Saw the mark and said "Ow!". Would recommend Aloe Vera gel/lotion - buy in Holland & Barrett. Otherwise, Nivea Cream (blue & white pot) is good for scars, or else Bio Oil... Those should help the mark to heal and go away. Hope it doesn't hurt any longer - those burns can certainly sting!

Yum - I love eggy bread and I love cheese toasties. Not allowed dairy any more though... eggy bread is hard without milk and cheese... is forbidden (though I do still eat a very little from time to time).

debs14 said...

Eggy bread - yum!
Burnt arm - Ouch!
Hope you are well and truly healed by now!

Mrs LiliGee x said...

Hope The Boy and his friend appreciated the Eggy Bread after you went through so much pain to serve it for them!!!! lol hope you're healing

I have made new blog now if you get a mo, perhaps you could pop by to glimpse: (was compulsive scrapper)

Jennifer Rose said...


i love those toastie maker machines, very handy to have around

Cheryl said...

oh no that is not good Mel. I too have been in the wars I have now broken my toe lol xx

Rachel Brett said...

Oh dear, your poor arm! On the plus side your toastie looks yummy!