Wednesday, 24 March 2010

74 of 365

I thought my Bible ought to appear in my 365 as I try to read it every day. I don't always manage it, but I do try! (I use the Encounter With God reading notes pictured.)

Breakfast on March 15th was cranberry and orange granola:

Oh, and if you liked the look of my scarf on Monday (or if you think you might have liked the look of it if I'd been able to take a half-decent photo of it) then make sure you visit Clair's blog today for details on how to make one of your own! x


Amy said...

I have not made the granola yet but I must because everytime you show a picture or talk about it I salivate - yummo!

furrypig said...

Interesting that it's an NIV version as I thought these weren't 'en vogue' anymore! I remember when they came out and took over from the good news version! Must admit mine is very dusty at the back of the bookshelf!

Rhona said...

That Encounter With God reading notes book may just be one I could get for Jon. The granola looks very tasty! Cranberry and oranges seem to be coming up a lot lately ;O)

Dawn said...

Hi Mel
gorgeous idea, love the mini book!