Saturday, 27 February 2010

Scrap Your Day: 2 of 12

Warning: This post may contain swearing.... ;-)

Bible readings currently taking me through Thessalonians:

Took The Children to school:

A disappointment :-( Had planned to spend the day with Clair but she was unwell, poor lady x Replied to her text then had some breakfast:

Felt a bit grotty myself so took some cold meds:

Watched an episode of Poirot I taped last weekend...

...while catching up on some blogs, visiting Shimelle in order to vote, creating my weekly Wordle, setting up an autopost reminding people to vote, reading and replying to some emails, emailing a daily reminder to a lovely friend who wanted me to remind her to vote...

...and also painting some Prima flowers for the Alice page I wanted to make later:

When the Poirot episode had finished, I got on with some housework (sorry, but I did warn you!) - emptied the dishwasher, and filled the washing machine:

Quick coffee and snack break:

Then a spot of crafting:

Made a chocolate cake:

Then postie delivered my beautiful prize from the lovely Ruth:

Lunchtime! Bacon butty, fruit, coffee:

Tidied up, then did some vacuuming and more washing:

Remembered to take the cake out of the oven:

Time to collect The Children from school:

Iced the cake while The Children practised their musical instruments:

Took my monthly photo of the trees over the road to show the changing seasons and the weather, then had a cup of tea and a chocolate:

Made some pasta sauce for The Children's tea then folded some washing while chatting to The Kids about their day:

The Doctor came home from work and we had time for a quick chat before he went out again! I'd got myself a curry for dinner, and had a fruity crispy bar for dessert:

(Sadly the woman at the Asda takeaway counter had given me the wrong curry :-( It was too hot for me!)

My cold was kicking in again now... once The Children were in bed I settled down in front of the TV and watched another episode of Poirot:

And because I find it hard to just sit in front of the TV, and because I'm good at multi-tasking, I also sorted and edited some photos...

...and read a bit of my book and a magazine that had arrived in the post:

A cup of hot chocolate (Turkish Delight flavour) and then I was ready for bed:

Full day! Sorry about all the swearing, I blame Clair - if she'd been able to come over I wouldn't have had time to do any housework... ;-)

A scrapbook layout for 25th February will follow, I need to find the new black ink cartridge first (I so carefully put it away in a safe place, you see) so I can print these photos!


Rachel Brett said...

Wow! That is a very busy day Mel, Great photos of everything you have done. Can't wait to see the scrapbook page.

Ruth said...

Am very chuffed to see my book in your SYD photos. :)

Lizzie said...

What a BUSY day! It would take me most of the week to get through all that!!
We'll forgive the swearing.. it has to be done... I'm buried under a huge pile of *laundry* this weekend, as D was away working for a fortnight and came home late last night (actually it was 5am, poor man!)
I love the photos all through.. and it made me smile that you took pics of the clean stuff in the dishwasher, not the dirty.. you seem to have a very tidy and organised life!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Phew! Busy and productive day. I like when you do these posts - it's a fun little peek into your daily happenings.

Hope you are feeling better! xo

K said...

mmmmm, I had a turky delight hot choc last night as well. Neither my local asda's nor onine Tesco stock it so I have lil watchers who ring me & grab a tub of it when they see it, lol

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

You accomplished a great deal, even with the obscenties. Love all the photos. I was just watching one of my Miss Marple DVDs yesterday while sewing.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Gotta love a post that starts with a picture of a bible page and a warning that there might be swearing!!!
Off to vote,

Sian said...

Well, you certainly managed to pack a lot in when you had a much more do you manage when you are feeling completely on top of things??!

Scrappi Sandi said...

I love this...I did the whole 'scrap your day on the 25th' thing in 2008...took loads of pics & love looking back on them...but I never did get around to scrapping them into a mini book!!!! Can't wait to see the LO you create!

scrappyjacky said...

You certainly get through a lot in a day....I'm worn out just reading it!!!

Jo's Place said...

Hope the cold is all gone by now. Lovely way to show what you did during the day too :)

Jennifer Rose said...

ooh that cake looks really good :D

Amy said...

I don't know what has become of the tone of this blog .... it saddens me that so much swearing is involved. I always thought this was a family friendly place to visit????

hehehehehe :-)

The Scrappy Tree said...

Loving the day in the life! Now tell me how you get all the houseworky things to look so pretty!
btw I swear by those tissues, the only thing that will stop you getting a sore face and a red nose!

Rhona said...

You were kept busy and I'm impressed with the one chocolate with coffee! Isn't h****work a pain! The turkish delight hot chocolate sounds yummy, haven't seen that one before. One I sometimes like at night is the Spicy Chai Latte!

Clair said...

Despite all of the swearing, I'm glad that you managed to get so much done and still have time for a bacon buttie x

Anonymous said...

Great photos of your day, and a good commentary as well!

JO SOWERBY said...

ooh lovely swearing, that choccie cake looks scrummy, and the ''h*******k is scarily rude!!!!
love how much poirot and food took up ur day!
Jo xxxx

furrypig said...

Wow lots packed into your day! I see that you listen to Radio 1 too! My Dh says I am trying to be young and trendy listening to it but I actually quite like it!

Anonymous said...

Blimey.. you put me to shame, you squeezed such a lot into your day!

Ruth's book looks gorgeous.

Love that post.. fascinating insight into your world!

Jessica Griffin said...

Your daily email reminders did some good afterall! :) PS: I read each and every single word of that post to see what you'd consider swearing... should have known!! <3