Thursday, 25 February 2010

49 of 365

My eczema was really playing up last week :-( I got through quite a lot of emollient cream!

I had a couple of cranberry and orange cookies with my afternoon coffee:

(They weren't homemade, but I think I could probably adapt my basic biscuit recipe to include these flavours!)


JO SOWERBY said...

oooh itchy, not pleasant but the E-45 is so lovely and cooling. those biccies look lush. have a g8 day, im off to sign on this am
JO xxx

Ladkyis said...

something kicked my eczema off last year - I think it was using vanish on my washing - and it just will not settle down again. I have it on the soles of my feet, my hands and one other important little place that I can't scratch in public. E45 doesn't work for me so have to use doublebase from the Dr. Sympathetic hugs from south Wales

Scrappi Sandi said...

Ooooh! Poor old you...I get eczema on my eyelids of all places, when I'm stressed!! Those cookies look very tempting but I WILL NOT be tempted..No, No, No!!!!!!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Sad. :o( My daughter has always had eczema and it's miserable for her. I've read that eczema can be the result of a food alergy, but my girl had it even as an infant while I was still nursing her. ??? Anyway, it's not fun and I've never heard of E-45...if it helps I'll have to find some for my daughter.

Rhona said...

I don't get eczema but have very dry skin so I've been working my way through a tub of Aqueous cream this winter. The cookies look yummy - I did have a "Be good to yourself" hot cross bun this afternoon (points counted :) )

Lizzie said...

Bleagh, excema... me too. It's so horrible when it flares up. Do you think you ate something that upset your system?
I'm just about to try some homeopathic remedies, to try and help my skin - I've developed a patch on my BCG scab and also Rosacea. It's not too bad, but a bit unsightly and I also think it's the reason for my constantly itchy eyes.
I'll let you know if the homeopathic medicine is helpful - it should work on my excema too (which isn't bad except for the scar patch).. maybe it might help others with similar problems.
Feel better (less uncomfortable!) soon. x

Rachel Brett said...

Oh no, poor you. A friend of mine suffers with eczema on her hands and it looks so sore. Hope it is better soon.