Sunday, 28 February 2010

Voting time!

Do you remember that Shimelle asked us a question: Why do you scrapbook? My answer can be found here, and lots of other people have come up with beautiful, thought-provoking and interesting answers too. Well, Shimelle is asking us now to vote for our favourite. Please do follow the link and take a look at the talent and creativity that has gone into this challenge, and enjoy the results as I have :-)

Please note, I do not expect to win! Wow, these entries are of such a high standard, and I'm honoured to appear on the list in such company! I'm not posting this in order to say 'Vote for me'. Obviously it would be lovely if you did, but that's really not what I'm trying to do here!

You can vote once a day from now till the end of February - the winner at that point will receive a generous Two Peas in a Bucket gift voucher. This has been such a lovely challenge and no matter how many (or few!) votes I receive I've thoroughly enjoyed the process and the project, so thank you Shimelle :-) And good luck to all the entrants x

PS This may not work, but I'm hoping that I've set this post to stay top of my blog till the end of February. Please scroll down to see other posts, including my Project 365 photos :-)

Sunday Funday!

Dear Blog Friends, I had such a fun day today! :-)

It started when some people knocked on the door this morning. Such nice white coats they were wearing! They had even brought one for me - unfortunately the arms of it were too long, but they solved that by wrapping them around me and tucking them out of the way. Then they took me to a special play area where the walls and floor were covered with soft padded material so I could jump and bounce around as much as I liked without hurting myself :-)

They told me that I'd been specially chosen to visit the play area after reports that I'd kept on and on asking people to vote over at Shimelle's. Some people had liked the constant reminders so much that they thought I deserved this special treat! Sadly, to my own disappointment and surely theirs too, today is the last day for voting. When I explained this to the nice people in white coats they nodded understandingly and said that in that case I could go home again when I'd finished playing. So, after one last happy bounce, I did :-)

52 of 365

Yup. More snow. *sigh*...

Lunch on February 21st was some fresh crusty bread and a piece of cheese (followed by some fruit) - we usually buy some fresh bread on a Sunday:

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Scrap Your Day: 2 of 12

Warning: This post may contain swearing.... ;-)

Bible readings currently taking me through Thessalonians:

Took The Children to school:

A disappointment :-( Had planned to spend the day with Clair but she was unwell, poor lady x Replied to her text then had some breakfast:

Felt a bit grotty myself so took some cold meds:

Watched an episode of Poirot I taped last weekend...

...while catching up on some blogs, visiting Shimelle in order to vote, creating my weekly Wordle, setting up an autopost reminding people to vote, reading and replying to some emails, emailing a daily reminder to a lovely friend who wanted me to remind her to vote...

...and also painting some Prima flowers for the Alice page I wanted to make later:

When the Poirot episode had finished, I got on with some housework (sorry, but I did warn you!) - emptied the dishwasher, and filled the washing machine:

Quick coffee and snack break:

Then a spot of crafting:

Made a chocolate cake:

Then postie delivered my beautiful prize from the lovely Ruth:

Lunchtime! Bacon butty, fruit, coffee:

Tidied up, then did some vacuuming and more washing:

Remembered to take the cake out of the oven:

Time to collect The Children from school:

Iced the cake while The Children practised their musical instruments:

Took my monthly photo of the trees over the road to show the changing seasons and the weather, then had a cup of tea and a chocolate:

Made some pasta sauce for The Children's tea then folded some washing while chatting to The Kids about their day:

The Doctor came home from work and we had time for a quick chat before he went out again! I'd got myself a curry for dinner, and had a fruity crispy bar for dessert:

(Sadly the woman at the Asda takeaway counter had given me the wrong curry :-( It was too hot for me!)

My cold was kicking in again now... once The Children were in bed I settled down in front of the TV and watched another episode of Poirot:

And because I find it hard to just sit in front of the TV, and because I'm good at multi-tasking, I also sorted and edited some photos...

...and read a bit of my book and a magazine that had arrived in the post:

A cup of hot chocolate (Turkish Delight flavour) and then I was ready for bed:

Full day! Sorry about all the swearing, I blame Clair - if she'd been able to come over I wouldn't have had time to do any housework... ;-)

A scrapbook layout for 25th February will follow, I need to find the new black ink cartridge first (I so carefully put it away in a safe place, you see) so I can print these photos!

51 of 365

I can't believe we've got to February 20th before wine appears in my 365!! I love the angle of this shot, makes the glass look enormous lol...

For lunch I had mozzarella, tomatoes and basil with olive oil and balsamic vinegar drizzled over. I overdid the olive oil a bit so after taking the photo I mopped it up a bit before eating my lunch - which was delicious :-)

Friday, 26 February 2010

Return to Wonderland

Maybe it's due to the new Alice film that's out soon, but certainly there seem to be a lot of Alice in Wonderland themed posts going on in blogland at the moment! For example, I shared some of Del's gorgeous pendants with you on Monday; her own Alice blogpost can be found here; last month Sian shared some Alice thoughts; and Rinda has shown us some of her own work and set us a challenge which Jacky has already responded to!

Well, having seen Del's creations I'd already decided to make myself an Alice mini-book, maybe dabbling with an art journal kind of thing as I went along. (I'm slightly hampered by the fact that although I've seen some fabby art journals out there, and read about them too, I'm still not completely certain what they are!) Then when Rinda set her challenge it gave me the extra spur to get on with the first few pages :-)

I printed some images onto special paper to create my own rub-ons; the paper is available from Crafty Computer Paper and is pretty easy to use, except that I didn't seem to have fed the sheet into the printer quite straight - but I worked with the slightly dodgy images anyway rather than waste that piece! I then added pages from an old and tatty copy of Alice in Wonderland, lightly brushed with white acrylic paint, plus a few other bits and pieces. Here's what I've made so far:

The White Rabbit

Machine stitched grass and flower stems; Prima flowers with gold beads; pieces of an old watch and a bit of chain; Tim Holtz pin.

The Pool of Tears

Icicle Stickles applied to disguise smudgy part of rub-on; acetate coloured with alcohol inks then machine-stitched on top; gems added in the corner; typewritten text, with 'cried' edged in silver pen.

Painting the Roses Red

Machine-stitched rose stems; typewritten text; tiny playing cards from a Christmas cracker; Prima flowers dabbed with red acrylic paint; extra red paint on the roses in the rub-on.

Nothing But A Pack Of Cards!

More tiny playing cards stapled to the background; typewritten text - simple, this one!

Each page is 4x6"; they're each mounted onto chipboard, but I haven't decided yet how to put them into mini-book form - I was going to just punch holes in them but I wanted to work right up to the margin so that won't work! I plan to use the cover of the book as the cover of my album, just haven't quite got as far as 'how'!

And now the White Rabbit's watch is saying that it's time to vote.... ;-)