Wednesday, 20 January 2010

This is me!

Last week Amy did something very brave.

She posted a photo of herself on her blog.

It was really lovely to see her :-)

Then she challenged us to do the same!!

Amy, I did try.... But I am so camera shy! I got The Doctor to follow me round with a camera on Sunday, taking pics of the usual stuff I do - cook, read, blog, play with The Children - for a layout I had in mind. And I tried to pose for a proper, facing the camera photo too.

I managed it once. Facing camera, shy smile...

It came out so blurry that it had to be deleted.

I tried again but just couldn't manage it at the last minute:

Sorry, Amy. I did try!!

As for the other pics, they came out well enough for the layout - sharp-eyed blog readers may have noticed the layout quietly sitting in a recent post, but I will share it with you properly soon! It has something to do with a song by the Saw Doctors.

By the way, one of my new favourite games is putting song lyrics into Wordle :-) I put the song title in a few extra times to make sure it appears quite large within the Wordle, and I put a '~' between words that I want to keep together - so, for example, the title of this song was 'This is me being me (that's just the way I am)' so I put all the lyrics into Wordle and put in a couple of extra 'this~is~me~being~me' and one or two extra 'that's~just~the~way~I~am'. So here is the Wordle for this particular song:

And the layout? Look out for it on 1st February ;-)

Meanwhile, I'll keep trying to get a photo of me that I'm willing to share!!


Lizzie said...

Ha haaa!! That is so funny! But of course there's quite a nice picture of you on your blog already - your profile picture, so I think we'll forgive you.

Love that Wordle - it's fun. I haven't had much success with wordle, I must try again.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great wordle. I've been under the weather lately, so am NOT taking a picture of myself looking sallow and tired. LOL! Maybe once I'm feeling all better.

scrappyjacky said...

Amazing how many of us scrapbookers hate having our photos taken....a bit ironic really!! But I do agree with Lizzie about the photo you already have on your blog.

Heather said...

Oh but you have to be brave Mel. I did it & felt a bit of a scaredycat but once its out there its over! Go on ...... dare ya!!

The Creative Beast said...

congratulations on your bravery for putting a recent image of yourself on your blog! i think the photo you used is rather reflective of your camera-shyness, so it seems to be a fitting portrait, if you ask me!! ;)

i'm loving the red hair!

debs14 said...

Just remember that none of us that discovered you via Shimelle have ever met you, so you could put a picture of Jennifer Aniston on there and we'd be none the wiser

furrypig said...

I am not photogenic in the least and constantly delete digi pics of me that Hubby manages to take. I did actually keep a couple taken in the snow and might even use them somewhere sometime! At least you have a profile pic mine is empty and I don't think I have ever blogged a pic of me!

Amy said...

Firstly, those Saw Doctors are GREAT! And, is your house being taken over by wordles? I can just see them lining the hallway(if you have one)as snippets of what has been going on ;-)
Now, for the photo steps. I'm a naturally shy person who does not like drawing attention to myself but, I'm trying to let go of some of the things that I would stew over. The main thing is that you have photos of you and the kids and The Doctor - if you show them on the blog or not doesn't matter at all .... that was my point with linking to Shannon's blog post about her girlfriend with the terminal illness - our families need to see that we existed and there needs to be evidence of us.
Anyway, you showed us pictures of you a couple of days ago - it is easier in a layout situation isn't it?
Have a great day Mel :-)

Clair said...

So, you do actually appear on photographs? I've wondered ever since we met :)

Liberty :) said...

I love your wordles! Great picture! :) xXx

Sian said...

Oooh, I love the Saw Doctors, I love wordle and I love seeing photos of my blogging friends. Excellent!

The Scrappy Tree said...

How fab are those Wordles!
About the photo - there are a million of my mum just like the one you posted! But remember that your kids are going to want to see your smiling face as well as their own when they look back at all the pics you scrapped :)