Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Scrap Your Day: 1 of 12

Hello little blog :-) I haven't been neglecting you as such, my Project 365 has meant I could set up some autoposts to share those pics with you, but oh BOY have I had a busy few days!! I feel like I haven't made a 'proper', chatty, wittering post for soooo long....

One reason I've been busy is that Monday was the first day of my Scrap Your Day project. If you haven't heard of it, here it is, briefly: Shimelle ran it a while back, and the idea was to take lots of photos on the 25th of each month and do a layout of that day right through 12 months. I think the original project ran from an April till the following March, but it can be started at any time, it doesn't have to be the 25th, you could do blog posts rather than layouts - basically, you can do it any way you like!! All the details are downloadable from the link above. I came across the project last autumn and decided to start it this January (I didn't want to take on anything extra and new at the time, and I like the idea of finishing with Christmas).

So, the 25th being Monday, I kept my camera handy all day and took LOTS of photos. There was a snag in that I was working on Monday, and couldn't take photos of the children I was teaching, but it was quite good fun thinking of representative shots that didn't show any kids! Here's my day...

Started off the day by reading my Bible - working through 1 John at the moment.

Breakfast when I got to work - a hasty cup of tea and cinnamon and raisin bagel.

In between bites of bagel and mouthfuls of tea I was photocopying resources and setting up my laptop...

...writing the date on the board and finding my tambourine (it's a great way of getting the class's attention without needing to raise my voice at all!)

An unexpected break duty meant my breaktime coffee and fruit had to be consumed in rather a hurry!

After break I taught Science to Year 5. We were starting a new topic - Sound - so I had some resources ready to show them how sound is caused by vibrations.

Lunchtime - leftover curry sauce and rice from Saturday night mixed with leftover chicken from Sunday's roast, followed by natural yogurt and peach puree.

Oh, and another cup of coffee, this time drunk in a more leisurely fashion! Also a chance to exchange texts with The Doctor to see how each other's day is going, and to catch up with emails.

Year 5 again after lunch, Maths this time - a practical involving dice.

Last lesson was cut short by a fire drill. Then after school I gave an hour's one-to-one tuition to boost a Year 6 child's maths.

After that, time to collect The Girl from after-school care and The Boy from Science Club, dash home, put dinner on, and phone the tax people (aaaaargh!!!)

Dinner had to be quick and easy so we had breaded cod, oven chips and baked beans. I had apple juice with sparkling water to drink.

After dinner, time to take The Boy to Cubs. Today they were visiting the library as part of their book-lover's badge.

I plan to photograph these trees near my house every month, to show the changing seasons. Of course, having been at work all day, I only saw them in darkness - but that helps to show the shortness of the days, and you can still see that the branches are bare!

Finally, the chance to relax! I caught up on some blogs and played a bit of Lego Indiana Jones on the Wii... a bit of Crocodile Tears by Anthony Horowitz (the latest Alex Rider book) and watched America's Next Top Model (we'll gloss over that for now, shall we?! But look out for a confession soon....)

Buttered toast and minty hot chocolate for supper, then I made The Children's packed lunches ready for the next day.

And finally, because it was a cold night and I am completely nesh, I heated up my wheat pack in the microwave.

Yes, my wheat pack is a cuddly cow. I call it Roast Beef ;-)

And yes, I need to clean my microwave....

So, I had the photos - plenty of photos! And I had the 'album'. The kit Shimelle put together was no longer available of course, but I loved the calendar she'd used as an album and thanks to the help of the lovely Jess I managed to get hold of one :-) I'd already prepared it as recommended in the downloadable notes (except that I forgot to ink the edges. Or add background stamp detail. Oh well...) Each month has an optional sketch, too, so I used that to help me plan my layout. I wanted to include lots of photos - it was a busy day, after all! - so adapted the sketch a little, cropped and resized my photos and printed them ready. In a happy coincidence, after I'd chosen my photos and printed them, I realised that there were exactly 25 :-) The rest was basically just sticking it all together:

Yes, I actually took a photo of myself and included it :-) I plan to do this each month too.

I added two little sets of hinged photos to fit in all the food and drink pics - I wanted to include them but they were less important to the overall layout.

So far all I've added to the journaling block is the stamped number 25, and the handwritten word january (copied from Ali Edwards' handwriting). I'm not sure what extra journaling to add, if any, but I have all the details I need right here in this blog post so it won't matter if I forget anything in the meantime :-)

I've decided that for me, it's more important to get the photos and have fun with them, and to see what changes over the year, than to create a beautiful, detailed layout each month. In fact, in some ways I prefer this blog post to my actual layout! But I shall just quote Kate and enjoy the process anyway :-)

And now to go be busy again.... Catch up with you all soon xx


sharyncarlson said...

Wow, what a cool peak at your day. I love how creative you were with the photos since you couldn't take pics of the kids. Great post!

debs14 said...

Wow! how did you manage to get all those photos on one layout?! I love the hinged pictures, what a great way of displaying more than you have room on the page for.
Guess you are longing for half term too!

Lizzie said...

That is a Great Layout! Amazingly imaginative, to fit in all those pictures of your day. I love the way you have cut the date that you wrote on the board at school, and used it at the top - maybe you should do that every time the 25th falls on a school day?
Love the hinged food pictures. After all, food is important on a day-to-day basis - especially when you are working somewhere like a school, as it's pretty tiring!
You could always add some other details later, as you forgot the stamping.
I like the journalling panel you've made too.

Maria Ontiveros said...

It's wonderful to see what you do on a typical day! I actually have a post about these kind of albums, etc. loaded to post in the next couple days.

JO SOWERBY said...

ooh i love this. your day is so interesting and busy. i love your final LO and the photo of yourself........hello you!!!!
Jo xxx

scrappyjacky said...

Love the way you've managed to fit so many photos in.....hinged pics are a great idea.....and finally an actual photo of you!!

Unknown said...

I always get this amazing feeling
of how you're always able to blog
a post with your photos AND make
a layout/crafty project with them

Clair said...

I spotted that picture of you immediately. Feeling exhausted reading about your busy day though - and looking forward to seeing your layout in real life. Yay!

Love the picture of the dice, by the way x

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Ok, Mel, this is fabulous. I love the pictures with the flaps - what a great way to include several pictures on one page. And I'm proud of you for including a picture of yourself! ;o)

Amy said...

See? You can post a picture of yourself!

I love this Mel - I'm doing a similar project - 12 on the 12th, I have not made my page yet :-( I love how you have included the hinged photos and the journaling area .... there is always a reason to procrastinate, you find a better alternative that way!

Anonymous said...

A fantastic post and a great insight into your Uberbusy day. The final layout is a delight, lots of food for thought there.

Sian said...

Wow! That's one packed Monday! This is going to be a seriously good album if you keep packing it with all these little details. Isn't it cool that lots of the journaling is already done because of your blog? I'm finding that a great help in creating more layouts. I love that background shade of blue you've used too

Ruth said...

That's a great start! I loved SYD, got much better at it as the year went on.

Anonymous said...

Love the look at your day! And I like the way the album is set up too. The hinged photos are perfect for it. You really got some great shots today. I especially love the die and the Boy's patches. Makes me realize I need to be much more creative here with my 365!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

That is really neat! I love the way you put the calendar together. last year I did a 9 photos on the 9th for 2009 challenge on a digi scrapping site. It was a lot of fun

furrypig said...

that looks amazing and such a fantastic way to remember things! Will be watching for the 25th of each month to admire your work!