Friday, 1 January 2010

A Melsh New Year's Eve

This is how The Doctor and I celebrate:

Finger food and dips

Ice cream

Comedy on TV

Staying up till midnight (but never quite sure why...)

I've been loving this paper from Shimelle's kit :-) I saved it for this date! I like the idea of the clockface; I thought avbout adding clock hands but I think there's enough going on already. I don't really need the Elle's Studio number in the middle but having used one every other day through December I wanted to be consistent... Oh, and I ran out of 'S's so used an '&' instead, did you notice?!

What do you do? Do you celebrate? Go out? Stay in?


Nadine said...

the wedges looks sooo good. and I
ADORE cookie dough :D

looks like a great day! ;D

Tammy said...

Superb choice on the ice cream! I have one in my freezer...may need to dig in to that today. :o)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Totally awesome page!
We did about the same, but at a friend's house. Wii Games and Rockband kept everyone entertained until midnight.

debs14 said...

Great page, what a good end to December! We went to a local restaurant that has a private members bar (our friend's son in law is manager)and they have a NYE party up there. The food was remarkabley like yours, lots of scrummy chinese inspired finger food, king prawns in tempura batter was my fave! Stayed there until 1am then back to friends for champagne. Rolled home at 3am and boy do I feel tired today!

Rachel Brett said...

The Ben & Jerry's looks good! That is my fav flavour! We did the same, Steve worked until 10pm so we stayed in, had a take-away and watched Jo Brand on the tely.

The Scrappy Tree said...

Happy New Year's!
We stayed in with a similar spread of snacks, some board games and Rock Band :)

JO SOWERBY said...

ooh finger food is g8 cos it reduces washing up, always good in this house!!! plus icecream- heaven. happy 2010
jo xxx

Amy said...

We were very quiet - didn't get past 11pm :-(
As is usual, we seem to make up for it all on New Year's Day - it's always adventure day here .... seems to work for us with the kids and the extended family.

Clair said...

That's such a clever way to use the ampersand! You clever minx, you x

furrypig said...

We went with the children to friends for dinner and chatting! Was great and relaxing. We are big Ben and Jerry fan's here Cookie Dough is DD's fav but I love Baked Alaska best and we have one in the freezer now!

Liberty :) said...

cute idea and im totally going to scrap lift the clock idea for my page! xox

Anonymous said...

We went to friends, and I never thought once to take a photography even though I wanted to do a New Year's Eve page for the journal. The food looks great--and ours was too!

Lizzie said...

Oink! Lovely yummy stuff!

The layout is great. No, I didn't notice the "&" instead of an "s"!

Happy New Year!