Wednesday, 6 January 2010

JYC in review

I did it!! Album complete! :-) Last night and this morning I worked on the cover:

I should really have taken a 'before' pic, but never mind... I used an 8x8 American Crafts album, which had plain chipboard covers and a lilac fabric covered spine. Gosh, how I dithered about this cover!! I had too many ideas, that's the trouble - I could use paint, I could do collage, I could use felt, maybe with stitching, I could use the cute little frame from Shimelle's kit, I could.... And so on!

But these Thickers came with the kit and my plan was always to use them on the cover, so in the end the colour and size of them dictated what else I could do. To be honest, I would never have picked them out myself, especially as they're so big!! But I'm pleased with how they look here :-) I painted the chipboard with white acrylic paint, layering it on quite thickly and allowing brush strokes to show for texture - a kind of snowy effect. Then I covered the spine with felt in the same shade as the letters. The Thickers didn't come with any numerals so I made use of an 'o' and a  'q' for the year, and worked from right to left to see how it all fit.

It didn't. Oh. The green of the felt matched the green of the letters so well that I worried they wouldn't show up properly, so I added a strip of darker green felt, scalloped the edge, and put a couple of the letters on that. Then I cut out some little trees from leftover scraps of green and brown, and added some diamante gems to the top of each. Then on the back I just added one more, slightly larger, tree and gem.

All done! I really like the mix of sizes and colours through my album :-)

(You can just about see the original lilac of the spine here - I didn't worry about it showing on the inside, as I've got so many colours going on there already! And I've left the inside of the covers as they are, too. At one point I thought of decorating them, but I don't think I need to, I'm happy with it as is.)

So, how have I found it as a project? I've _really_ enjoyed it :-) It's been such fun looking out for Shimelle's prompts each day, wondering how (or if!) they'd fit in with our Christmassy plans on that date and how (or if!) to incorporate them into my album. I haven't followed all the prompts, and several of them I've included but on a different day, but that's OK :-)

I have come to realise though that my album is more of a December Daily than a Journal Your Christmas. There's very little journaling in it at all, in fact. Much of the journaling I put here on my blog rather than in the album. I'm completely fine with that, and I love my album, but it's made me think a bit about how to approach the project next year. This was my first year doing it, so I had no idea what the prompts would be about till they arrived. (I know I could have looked it up on the forum, but there was so much there I found it a bit overwhelming to be honest so I made the decision to just wait and find out on the day. This meant that sometimes I had covered a topic in advance!) Next year I'll know what's coming, so can plan to fit it in better.

I may change my mind - it's nearly 11 months away, after all! - but my current thinking is that next year I shall try to do a Christmas Journal with the emphasis on the Journal. I shall try to respond to all the prompts, in order, on the day, in writing. I may or may not add lots of pictures and embellishment, but we'll see how that goes - again, I have too many ideas! Alongside this I shall do a separate December Daily, as a mini-album to keep it manageable, mostly using up all the leftovers from Shimelle's kit (I've trimmed a lot of it to size already - carried away by my own enthusiasm!!) That's the current plan, anyway :-)

Furrypig asked if I would recommend this class. Furrypig my dear, I would wholeheartedly recommend any of Shimelle's classes :-) You really get your money's worth - I'm now a life-long member of JYC and can do it every year with no extra cost; Shimelle is very encouraging and inspirational, but the projects are low-pressure and you're fine to ignore or twist the prompts as much as you like; and even if you're not 'active' on the class forum it's worth visiting regularly to see what other people have done, and what they're talking about, as that can be very helpful and inspiring too. Yes!! Take this class!! And any others Shimelle runs!! ;-)

Gosh, I've talked 'even on' today! But this has been a long project and it deserved a good send-off :-) Later I shall be back to talk about my new focus, Project 365..... xx


Rachel Brett said...

I love your JYC cover Mel, I can't believe it has finished now. I thought it went really quick!

sharyncarlson said...

Fabulous cover! I love how the trial and error with the spine turned into the two greens, it's really lovely.

Sian said...

Fantastic cover! That felt works a real treat. I can't believe JYC is over..I paid up in 2008 and didn't do any of it..2009, I did the whole thing although mine is also more of a December Daily. I think posting my pages on the blog was really motivating me to keep going. Here's to next Christmas

scrappyjacky said...

Love your cover....the felt is a great idea....the whole album has come together brilliantly.It's amazing that everyone gets the same prompts....and yet every one is so,so different.
Good luck with Project 365....I know I could never manage that....but am looking forward [envelope at ready] to Shimelle's new class.

Nadine said...

I like the felted trees (:

will attempt to jyc2010! (:

debs14 said...

Fab album, it's a lovely project to do isn't it? I did it last year but not in 2009. I agree, Shimelle's classes are always good value for money and fun to do. Rumour has it there is another one that starts this month!

Jennifer Rose said...

the cover looks great and the whole journal turned out wonderful :)

JO SOWERBY said...

wow i have those thickers too, not sure if i like the colour i have but never mind i love your album. it is a real sense of satisfaction when you complete something isn't it. i would also recommend shimmelle's classes to anyone as they are reasonable, clever, unique and NOT PRESSURISED. I also love Ali Edwards diverse tutors and Jessica Sprague for teaching me some digi goodness.
Jo xxx

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Love you cover and the felt trees with the bling on top! So clever and a perfect package to hold your wonderful pages. Congratulations on completing your album!!!

What's next on your crafting list? :o)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Congrats on finishing! I love th cover! I need to transfer some of my journaling from my blog into mine, I think.

Grethic said...

Brilliant piece of work and I am glad you enjoyed making it because I rally enjoyed seeing it and reading your posts to accompany each page. All the best for the rest of 2010!

Claire said...

Your album looks great, well done on finishing! :)

Ruth said...

The cover looks great, particularly loving the trees. I enjoyed JYC last year, but am glad I opted for delaying LSNED until December this year. Am planning on doing December daily next time ~ we could be cyber scrap buddies!!

Amy said...

Mel it just looks fabulous!
Love to see the project coming together - It is a sense of achievement as well - it's no mean feat to keep up with things at this time of the year!
Great to have ambitions for this years - I wonder how your thoughts will evolve over the course of the year?

furrypig said...

That cover is visually very striking i love it! Thanks so much for the mention and the recommendation will prob sign up for Christmas 2010!