Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The End

Christmas cards all taken down, waiting to be sorted and recycled (first I 'harvest' any bits I might use in my own craft, then I cut up any bits that I can reuse as gift tags next year, then I put as much as possible of the rest into recycling):

Decorations taken down and boxed up and waiting for The Doctor to put them up in the attic:

Final page of my Journal Your Christmas album complete!

Updated with a better pic :-)

I sorted through what was left of Shimelle's kit, and found this dotty Bazzill cardstock, and some Sonburn Designs alphas, ribbons and chipboard buttons. The colours of the letters I needed decided the overall 'feel' of this page, but it seems quite appropriate that it's quite sombre and quiet - I like the contrast between the brightly coloured decorations and the more subdued page! I placed the title first, then the photo, with a Threading Water edged piece of cardstock, and covered the joing with ribbon. I picked out the buttons in black, white and green and arranged them along the top of the photo. It looked a bit top-heavy so I added another button bottom left for balance.

But I do still need to decorate the cover, I've been deliberately saving that task till the end. So I can prolong the process just a little longer ;-)


Abi said...

I really like this page Mel, even if it does make me a little sad that christmas is over. I love the dotted swiss cardstock, one of my fav's to use! Thanks for sharing! xxxxx

Maria Ontiveros said...

Good for you. I"ll take everything down tomorrow on Epiphany (all that's still up are the Nativity sets really).

scrappyjacky said...

Ours are all down as well.Love this ending to your album....may pinch the idea for next year!!
I do exactly the same with xmas cards....though my mum used to keep all the backs of cards for shopping lists....her generation really knew how to recycle!!

Nadine said...

I didn't get any christmas cards
this year and I've never done
up a tree so I guess that's less
work for me *haha*

it's okay! I know you'd be back
at my blog one day XD

furrypig said...

well I have been 'harvesting' all the Christmas cards today too. Still need to remove the trees and decorations, guess that's what I'll be doing tomorrow! Love the ending to your journal, was this the first time you have done JYC? If it was did you enjoy it and would you recommend it?? Thanks xxx

Rachel Brett said...

Excellent final page Mel and well done for keeping up with it, I really need to catch up!!

debs14 said...

The worst bit about doing a Shimelle class is the first day after the last prompt, nothing exciting in the email inbox. Still, I am sure she has something new up her sleeve for 2010!

JO SOWERBY said...

i don't want to take down my decs yet, i love them so much. love the final page.
jo xxx

sharyncarlson said...

Love your idea to "harvest" from the Christmas cards! I'm so ready to take down the decorations but am waiting until the weekend.

Amy said...

Great page Mel! Love the cardstock :-)
I haven't done a cover for my album yet either .... not sure what I want to do.
I'm going to keep going with the journal for a week or so ... if I can manage it!

Unknown said...

great page, im sad its the end i have loved these christmas page updates - however looking forward to the cover :)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Congrats on getting your pages done! I've got all the decor down but am5 days behind on scrapping

Anonymous said...

Great page. I still have two sleeves left in my journal and have been thinking about how to end it. We've not yet taken everything down since we have company coming tomorrow night for dinner. But you've given me a good idea. In all the years I've done the
Christmas Journal, I've never done a page about taking it all down. Thanks for the inspiration!

I, too cut up my cards, but haven't used many (any?) of them yet. Perhaps that's another idea!

Heather said...

I love gathering the cards together for a cutting-up session. Its a tradition I've carried on from my Mum & always reminds me of us cutting with her pinking shears to give them a pretty edge :)