Thursday, 28 January 2010


Oh drat and bother and flip and blow and gosh darn it!

In replying to Stacey's question about how I create my Wordles, and telling her that I change the settings so my blog shows a week's worth of posts at a time and hence so does the Wordle, I remembered that I hadn't changed my settings when I did the Wordle earlier and so it was only showing 7 posts and not 7 days.... You see, so as not to overwhelm visitors to my blog too much, I usually only have 7 posts showing at a time and if anyone's sufficiently interested they can always click back through to the previous 7 and so on. I made a mental note that I needed to change the blog settings before making each Wordle. And clearly put the mental note in a 'safe place' and forgot about it. Oops.....

But at least Stacey's question helped me to realise the mistake today while it's easier to fix :-) (Thanks, hun!) Here is my new and improved Weekly Wordle (4 of 52):

It may not have the delightful 'pics need details' or 'unloading chocolate', but at least it has 'mixed moment', 'post layout', 'blog now', and, appropriately, 'disaster'. And 'bare partly'. And 'Clair's little breaktime'. So all is not lost!


Heather said...

what are you like!! lol

Lizzie said...

...and "basically Shimelle", "liketime", "ready plan"!
Never mind, we like it anyway and it's all good practice!

Amy said...

Dinner decided and try science are great! Oh, I just saw chocolate used ;-)
These are such a great idea!

JO SOWERBY said...

love the way the words have become nestled into the big word of ''photo''. really detaqiled wordle this week mel. glad u got your IT glitch sorted
Jo xxx

Clair said...

I get a little break time? :)

I see that some of my bad language has rubbed off on you slightly. I'll have you swearing like a trooper in no time. Just not at your bible group, eh? x

Rachel Brett said...

I like how the word 'photos' has appeared really big.

Loving the wordles Mel!