Friday, 8 January 2010

2 of 365

Very much an everyday pic! Fortunately it was only closed for lunch, so I was able to leave the books in the safe box provided and we didn't incur a fine...

And for dinner on 2nd January, we had:

We all have different favourite pizza toppings, naturally! I usually go for something like the above, with ham, mushrooms, sweetcorn and olives. And thanks to a Spoonerism from The Girl, we often have Dalek Go-Balls with our pizza! ;-)


debs14 said...

Dalek Go-Balls - hilarious! We have a similar thing with 'Vince-feet pie' (normally a combination of pastry and mincemeat!)Funny how even when the kids are grown, we still say the same things. I think I find it funnier than my daughter now though!

JO SOWERBY said...

love it especially the dalek balls, haahahahah!!!
jo xxx

Amy said...

Please explain!

scrappyjacky said...

At least you can still get to the closed library,Mel.Our landscape is now a frozen white wasteland...not even the buses are running!!

humel said...

Deb, I like it lol! In my family we still talk of being 'detter-minded' to do something, after my brother once mispronounced 'determined'!

Jo, Dalek balls are the best kind ;-)

Amy, garlic dough balls are little balls of bread dough, with a dot of garlic butter inside, cooked in more garlic butter; The Girl got in a muddle and switched the d and g round to give us our new favourite, Dalek go-balls!

Jacky, this photo was taken on 2nd Jan, before the snow came - we still don't have it as badly as you, though!

Sian said...

Closed for lunch? What is the library world coming to? It wasn't like that in my day. I love the dalek balls's those little everyday things we need to hold on to

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the overlay on the photo.
My favorite unusual pizza topping are cashews -- totally yummy. You should give it a try.