Monday, 25 January 2010

19 of 365

I'm still taking German classes on Tuesdays, and I'm still really enjoying them :-) It is mostly revision of what I learnt at school, but I'd forgotten so much that it's good to practise it all again, and in particular to gain confidence in speaking it!

By the way, the reason there's a big bar of chocolate on my desk is that I'd just won the bingo game we'd played to practise times in German. And the reason most of it has been eaten is that I shared it round the class. I have to say that again because I can hardly believe it myself - I shared chocolate!

And here's something I drank that day:

I've included this photo for two reasons. One is that I drink coffee most days - I drink 'good', filter coffee because I enjoy it, and I drink instant because I need the caffeine! The other is to shame me. You see, one of my classmates always brings her own mug and when we have our coffee break she uses that and takes it home again afterwards. I always notice this and admire her organisation and forethought and her environmentally-friendliness, and resolve to do so myself. And I always forget and end up using the disposable polystyrene cups. I promise to do my best to remember for next week!


Kim Winter said...

I tried to get my husband to take his own cups but all that happened was that he had a collection of mugs that were used once in a closet in his classroom. Then I had to throw them out because of the lifeforms growning in the mugs. I can't win....

Unknown said...

have you been learning german for
long? is it tough learning another
language? I'm still considering
enrolling into a japanese class AGAIN

Sian said...

I did German at school too. DS is taking it for GCSE and he was stunned to learn recently that the university here has just closed its German Dept due to lack of interest!

Ruth said...

I did French & Latin at school but did learn some German in my early 20s ~ shamefully, most of it is now forgotten!
Re the mug/cup, try one of those Starbucks-coffee-to-go-with-a-lid- travel-type of things, reuseable forever and no danger of breaking.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Good on you for brushing up your foreign language skills. We Americans are pathetic! I enrolled the kids in Spanish immersion from kindergarten, so they are bilingual. I myself struggle with Spanish and studied a bit of Dutch. Also try to learn the basics (please, thank you, numbers, etc.) no matter where we travel. Hungarian was the most difficult language I ever tried!

Rachel Brett said...

I like your piccy of your books and work, I would love to learn another language. I studied Spanish at school but never kept up with it so now I don't really remember much of it!

Amy said...

Mel, you German classes remind me that I need to start using my brain more actively again .... I think I need to find something to study!

Liberty :) said...

Guten Tag Melsh,
Wie gehts? Mir gehts gut danke.
Wie alt bist du? Ich bin 25 Jahre alt. Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen weil meine Oma Deutsch war.

Ich wurde ein Schwarzewaldkirschetorte und ein hin un zuruck bis London bitte. Und Dann, Ich will auf der Jugenherberge gehen. Das is alles. Auf Wiedersehen Pet. x

Haha! that was all going so well until the last line! "I would like a piece of chocolate gateaux and a return ticket to London and then I will go to the youth hostel. That is all. Pet!x"

God bless A-Level German!

Good on you for learning!

Clair said...

Take a flask lady, save yourself a bob or two as well as saving the planet x