Monday, 18 January 2010

12 of 365

Hooray, the weather had improved enough for me to safely get to the supermarket! I don't usually get so excited about the supermarket shop lol but we were really running short of food - even The Hamster was on short rations!

I celebrated by getting the ingredients to try out my version of Amy's hummous recipe - thanks, Amy :-) But as I only tasted it on 12th January it will appear in tomorrow's pic. Here's something else I ate that day:

I am somewhat addicted to these little crispy slices. The Raspberry flavour is my favourite :-)


Anonymous said...

I love seeing that you use re-purpose bags for our grocerys!

scrappyjacky said...

Our trolley was pretty full as well this weekend....and I'm not going to complain that it is now cold,wet and windy!!

Jo's Place said...

Great to see all those reusable bags :). Funny I'm off out to get the stuff to make hummus too :)

Lizzie said...

We've been luckier with the weather here, so that we weren't stuck at home so much.
Also, I am spoilt, as I have home shopping delivery.
It's been a real Godsend, having deliveries in this weather (though I have felt sorry for the delivery drivers!). It was also a life-saver last year, when I couldn't drive, push a trolley, lift or carry things. They just put it in the kitchen and I put everything away as I was able to - or left it for the boys to do later!
Enjoy that Hummus. I must go and look up Amy's recipe - didn't copy it down!

Amy said...

Raspberries are my favourite berries - yummo!
Looking forward to seeing your changes to the recipe - the coriander was a big hit here :-)

Rachel Brett said...

Ooh I love those little bars, I like the orange ones.