Monday, 14 December 2009

The tree

For me, Christmas decorations are first and foremost about the tree. And it's important to me that we decorate it together, as a family. Of course, this does tend to mean that instead of the 'elegant, coordinated, stylish' look, we have more of a 'someone tripped up and flung a box of decorations in the general direction of the tree' kind of look. And I like it that way :-)

We have a collection of tree ornaments, and we add something every year. Nearly every ornament has a background story of some kind. Here are a select few:

Silver bauble: One of two added this year. They both have beaded hooks which I made myself on Friday.

Felt star: We got a pack of stitched felt ornaments last year - I love the look and plan to make some myself in this style some time!

Cross-stitched holly: I made a set of these little cross-stitch pieces about 5 years ago - holly, gifts, Christmas greetings... Not sure how I found the time!!

Corn dolly: Bought in Leeds about 7 years ago, from a Fairtrade stall.

Chocolate: Well, a tree isn't properly decorated without chocolates, is it?!

Star: Top of the tree - star, angel, fairy? We've always been star people in our household. What do you have?

Layout to follow when I can get some half-decent photos of it!


JO SOWERBY said...

i love trees and bauble stories. especially please u have the chocs on there.........trees r bare without them!!!!! my fave ornaments are some delpht ones on blue ribbons i bought in amsterdam one year.
jo xxx

The Creative Beast said...

what lovely ornaments! and i love your question on tree toppers...

as for the tree topper in my home, it depends:
for the crimson and gold decorations it's a huge crimson bow with a spray of gold 'wheat' and red roses

for the "Mexican" ornaments, the topper is a hammered silver angel

for the mini-tree of green, red and gold it's a topper made from an old holiday wrapping bow and lots of curled ribbon

i think i do lean more towards stars for the top of the tree, though =-)

Nadine said...

I like to admire trees and their
ornaments since my family doesn't
really do xmas trees (:

Cheri said...

The top of our tree sports a handmade sort of country flavor crafty angel, which, according to my teenage daughters, is ugly. I guess its time to hunt for a new topper.

Grethic said...

If our tree enters the house before Christmas Eve it's a miracle; hence I tend to favour the 12 days after Christmas, the decorations are then up and everyone can huddle together for a weeks or so before the return to work.

JO SOWERBY said...

Thank you xxxxxxx
Jo xx

Amy said...

I'm a star girl as well - speaking of Fairtrade ornaments, I bought a couple of handstitched lovely ones just this Saturday - beautiful angels from India.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

We have a star topper as well. Our tree is a jumble of ornaments as my boys like to layer multiple ornaments on the same branches

Sian said...

We have an angel on the top of our tree.And our tree is crammed with everything including tinsel which I still love. Lovely to see your decorations up close.

Jennifer Rose said...

nothing on the top of the tree right now, might stick to cow to the top so its not bare :)

Ruth said...

We have a fairy on the top of our tree. DS and I decorated the tree this afternoon ~ well, I put the baubles on the tree and he then took them off!

The Scrappy Tree said...

You decorate your tree that way too? Cool :)

On the top of our tree sits... Homer. In an angel costume :)

sharyncarlson said...

Lovely ornaments! My favorites on our trees are not the matching ones, but the ones with a story :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the ornaments, too. We have tons that we've been collecting from all over the world. Our tree is about 1/2 decorated. I need to finish it up, so I can take a picture and put the bins away.