Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I'm so grateful...

...for so many things.
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  • for happy, healthy children
  • for a wonderful, caring husband
  • for a hobby that gives me so much pleasure
  • for old friends who share my memories
  • for new friends who I'm still getting to know
  • for my mum who now lives nearby and who helps out with childcare
  • for the teachers and support staff at school, both for their care of my children and for their friendship as my colleagues
  • for the chance to work part-time, so that I can go along to see my children's class assemblies, school plays and so on
  • for chocolate
  • for music to sing and to listen to
  • for books that educate and entertain
  • for online shopping (sorry, postie!)
  • for football (though when my team loses AGAIN I feel slightly less grateful...)
  • for the beauty of nature in all its seasons
  • for photographs that preserve memories
  • for love
  • for imagination
  • for laughter
  • for empathy
  • for a comfortable home, clean water, heating - things I so often take for granted
  • for comments on and followers of my blog
  • for the pleasure of giving gifts...
  • ...and of receiving them!
  • for the chance to spend time with friends and relatives
  • for the technology that puts me in touch with friends and relatives from all over the world
  • for Christmas, and the chance to celebrate God's gift to us
What are you most grateful for this Christmas?


Jane said...

Fabulous list!! I'm soooo grateful for JYC this year which has transformed the WHOLE of December for me - instead of Christmas lasting a few days around the 25th and being gone in a flash and a blur, my entire month is being spent focused around festvities, traditions and fun :)

JO SOWERBY said...

until a few minutes ago my solicitor,.........but now I have to definately move ahhhhhhhhh
jo xx

but i am grateful i'm not having to move 2day!!

Mise said...

That's a fine list, and I'm glad you've got so much to appreciate. For today, I'm grateful to be home before dark, for my beloved laptop and for having posted my cards in respectable time this year. I'm also continually and unfailingly grateful for my hairdryer.

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a great list! Right now I'm grateful for my DD's attitude, which has been really super, through a couple of meetings with teachers about how to help her do better in school.

sharyncarlson said...

Great list! And cute Wordle, too! Today, since I'll be going out with some old friends for dinner, I'm especially grateful for the wonderful women in my life!

Amy said...

Yes, this is a great list Mel, I too have a lot to be grateful for - it is something I think about pretty regularly. What I am NOT grateful for, is my children waking at 6:30AM - yes AM on their first day of school holidays! And here I was proclaiming to all who would listen that they were sooo tired ..... mmmmmm.

Clair said... friends that I'M still getting to know (especially when they've offered to bring mince pies!)

Mwah x

Ruth said...

Great list, apart from the football! Today I'm extremely grateful to have my DH home, where he belongs.

scrappyjacky said...

A wonderful list, I was very grateful that it tried [but failed] to snow.....cause I had to go to work.....tomorrow it can snow.

Anonymous said...

What a great post! I'm so grateful for a healthy and happy family--I never take it for granted.

Cheryl said...

aww love your list Mel. I am grateful for life in general for friends old and new. For my family, my dog and my hobbies x

Nadine said...

I'm grateful for such a wonderful
and supportive family through this
special year (: