Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Food, glorious food!

Lat week I met up with Clair, and met Cheryl for the first time too. We planned to eat, talk, photograph, and maybe craft a little too.

We had goat's cheese and tomato tart with salad:

We had Eton mess:

We also had drinks, but I seem to have spent more time drinking them than photographing them!

We had a yummy lunch, a great chat, and I even got a teeny bit of crafting done. As in, I scored and folded 30 pieces of card. Ahem. But I had such a good time, thanks girls - looking forward to the next one :-)

And today it was my last German class of term. I made an apple strudel to take in and share:

(Recipe will follow when I've had time to type it up!)

And having covered dairy, protein, fruit and veg, I should really mention the most important food group of all - chocolate! Here are our Advent calendars this year:

Yes, we do have one each - me, The Doctor, The Boy and The Girl! So, which one do you think belongs to each of us then? I'd be interested to see if anyone gets it right!


Rachel said...

Food looks yummy.

I guess Cadbury - yours
Simpsons - Doctor
Clone Wars - Boy
Night Garden - Girl

Am I close?

Ruth said...

Star Wars - the Boy, ITNG - the Girl, Cadbury's - yours and The Simpsons - the Dr.

Sian said...

Aargh! I can't guess. But I really love the idea of one each. We usually resurrect a door opening one..I iron the doors shut again after Christmas is over. I'm economical like that. Hehe

glitterbygrammie said...

Well it looks like everyone agrees The Simpsons belongs to The Doctor.The rest is a mystery. Can't wait for the recipe it looks wonderfully nummy.

Maria Ontiveros said...

That is too funny Mel!
I would guess
Night Garden - Girl
Clone Wars - Boy
Simpsons - Yours
Cadbury - Dr.

By the way, the first photo is FAB!

scrappyjacky said...

A bit of an obsession with food today then.....all looks delicious.When I told DD she was too old for an advent calendar she replied 'you're never too old for chocolate'....looks like I better send her to your house!!
I guess Simpsons-doc,cadbury-you,NG -girl and SW-boy.

Clair said...

We definitely did more chomping and chatting than crafting when we all met up. Looking forward to our next get together though x

PS My guess - The Boy - Simpsons; The Girl - Night Garden; You - Cadburys; The Doctor - Star Wars.

Abi said...

hi thanks for your comment on my blog, Loved the train. Was great fun. mmmh the food looks awesome! school food kinda sucks! ha ha! Thanks for posting! xxxxx

Amy said...

Yummo food Mel, looks divine! I've never made a struedel - look forward to the recipe.
I'm not sure on the calendars - there's sure to be a twist .... I'm not sure the NG one would be The Doctors cup of tea ;-) Rachel's answer would also be my guess.

Ange Moore said...

My guess...

Simpsons - the boy
Night Garden - you
Star Wars - The Doctor
Cadbury - the girl

Probably totally wrong!!

sharyncarlson said...

That apple strudel looks so very delicious! Can't wait for the recipe :)

Cheryl said...

Hi it was great meeting you as well, can't waite till the next one. Anyway my guess after meeting you is:- Boy - Simpsons; Girl - Night Garden; You - Cadburys; The Doctor - Star Wars
Go in tell me I got it correct x

The Scrappy Tree said...

Strudel! Yum!