Thursday, 31 December 2009

Day 28: Sleep

One of my favourite things about the Christmas break is being able to turn off the alarm clock :-) I'm so much more of a night owl than a morning lark! Which are you?

This was a good opportunity to use up a few scraps of paper, crocheted lace and pearl gems; the title is die-cut from pearlised card with rub-ons to complete. A flash card went well with the theme, and of course there had to be an Elle's Studio number! What you can't really see is that I stamped clock images in Versamark all over the background. It works though that it doesn't show up - just reinforces the idea that time fades into the background, alarm clocks are switched off, and I lose track of what day it is even!!


glitterbygrammie said...

I like your masterpiece.
I like staying up late but I also like getting up early and doing things when it is all quiet in my house.In the summer it is the best time to garden is early early in the morning.
Happy New Year.

debs14 said...

I don't want to be a morning lark but I am! Once I am awake, that's it, I'm awake and it takes ages for me to not wake early even when I'm on holiday. So annoying!
I am also not good without a good nights sleep, thankfully both my kids slept through the night early and consistently!
Weird to think that when we wake up tomorrow it will be 2010! Happy new year!

Rachel Brett said...

I am not good in the mornings! I need an hour to wake up before I can function properly. Good job Adam is quite sleepy for the first hour he is awake! He is so much like his Mummy!

Amy said...

I am certainly a morning person - don't need an alarm most days .... unfortunately even in the holidays.

scrappyjacky said...

I'm much more of a night person as well....and love the 'later' holiday mornings.I didn't get out of bed till 11 today...but that was more due to the effects of last night than anything else!!
A gorgeous page.