Monday, 7 December 2009

17 revisited

By popular request! (Well, we all wanted to do it again, anyway....)

Did you ride our blog train last week? Did you enjoy the journey through time and space? I do hope so :-) We all did, so much so that we decided to do it again! This time, though, there'll be rather less jumping around the decades (I think a few people got slightly travel sick with all the time travel). Today we're revisiting our questions and answers to see what has changed now we're all grown up! ;-)

Can you remember who we all are? There's Kate, Helen, Jools, Nightwolf, Naddie, Laura, Sian, Beverly, Becky, Deb, Christy, Siobhan, Jo, Sara, Monica, Gen, Abi (the train driver), and Jay (the platform guard). And me!

What's that? You want to see an up-to-date photo of me? But you _know_ I'm camera shy!


So let's move swiftly on and remind ourselves of my answers at 17, and see what's happened during the intervening years....

My hair colour is: brown with a hint of red. And now it's red with a hint of brown. I refuse to go grey. So there.

My hair style is: non-existent! Long hair, no fringe, no style as such… Nowadays I have it layered but I keep alternating between having it quite short and growing it out. And I _always_ have a fringe.

My favourite brand of makeup is: none, I don’t wear make-up. Still the same. I have sensitive skin. Plus I'm lazy.

My "fashionable" item is: Um… You seriously think I might have a fashionable item?! This answer doesn't need updating either! ;-)

My favourite outfit is: jeans with a baggy t-shirt. Ah, now here I've come on a long way. You see, these days, what I mostly wear is jeans with a _fitted_ t-shirt. How I've changed....

I drive a: Peugeot 309 when I can borrow it from my mum! Our current car is a Citroen Xsara. Not a Picasso though. The Doctor doesn't like big cars. Not sure why that matters, since he rarely does the driving, but hey!

On a Saturday I go: to work in a bakery (my Saturday job). These days, I go as long as I can in bed before I really have to get up. It's nice for The Doctor to spend some quality time with The Children, don't you agree?

On a Saturday night I go: home from work and stay in. I don’t have much of a social life :-( I still don't have much of a social life. On a typical Saturday night I go to my favourite corner of the sofa and settle in to watch TV. Ho hum.

On a Sunday I go: round to a friend’s house, or just stay in (see above!). These days I go to church on a Sunday morning, and to the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon to prepare a big roast dinner for us all. And that's OK :-)

Monday-Friday I go: to school (6th form – to do A-levels in English, Maths, German and General Studies). Well, that varies. Some days I go to work. Some days I go to Asda. Some days I go to a friend's house. Some days I go nowhere if I can help it.

My best friends are: Caroline (even though she’s moved away), Catherine, Clare. Ditto. But also Linda. And I'm really enjoying getting to know Clair. And Jess and Amy are good friends-by-email.

My favourite place to go out is: nowhere really (see above…). These days? ANYWHERE!!! LET ME OUT!!!! Ahem. A good restaurant, with The Doctor and/or a group of friends.

My favourite subject at school is: English. But I also really like Maths. As I went through Sixth Form I grew to love Maths more and more. I ended up doing a Maths degree, and it's very much my favourite subject now!

When I grow up I want to be: a teacher. Now I'm all growed up, I _am_ a teacher. I knew my vocation from an early age.

My favourite drink is: pineapple juice with lemonade. Now it's apple juice with sparkling water. (Yeah, OK, it's red wine....)

My favourite food is: salt and vinegar crisps. (I’m a vegetarian. I’m not keen on vegetables though.) I stopped being a vegetarian when I was 25. I still love salt and vinegar crisps :-)

My favourite shop is: the bakery where I work. Great boss, yummy cakes, and the odd freebie :-) It depends what for, really. I like Ikea because I always pick up something for craft use (even if that's not why we went there!)

I want to marry: I have no idea! I suppose Marti Pellow would do nicely… ;-) I met The Doctor at university, when I was 19. We got engaged when I was 21 and married when I was (just) 23. We're still very happily together :-)

My favourite actor is: Kevin Costner. Or maybe River Phoenix. And I like Alan Rickman, too. I still rate Alan Rickman. David Tennant is pretty cool too.

My favourite band is: Wet Wet Wet. I suppose my absolute favourite would be the Saw Doctors. I like lots of bands though: Black Eyed Peas, Editors, Muse, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand....

My favourite TV programme is: The Crystal Maze. Clair, I miss The Crystal Maze too! :-( I like watching comedy quiz shows, like Have I Got News For You, QI or Never Mind The Buzzcocks. I think I like Mock The Week best though.

The one thing I want to do but can't (yet) is: go to university. I can’t wait to finish my A-levels and go to uni :-) It was great to get to university :-) These days? You know, I'm quite content really. Nothing much comes to mind.

My most used mode of transport is: my feet! It really ought to still be my feet, but I'm afraid it's the car now.....I'm lazy!

If I had all the money in the world I would: go on holidays with all my friends :-) I'd still like the holidays. But I'd also like to help out the many good causes I know of. That sounds a bit Miss World (I am like Miss World in many ways, of course!) - you know, "I'd buy World Peace!" but there is so much need in our world that it would be great to be able to do something to help. I try, in my little way, and I know we can each make a difference - but wouldn't it be good to do _more_?

I wish I could visit: New Zealand. I don’t know why, but it really appeals to me. I'd still like to go there. Also Australia. And Canada. And America. And Austria again, I loved it there. And Germany. And Italy. And.... Oh, I just want to travel the world!!

My favourite sport is: football (to watch, not play!) Yup, still. Come on you Bulls!! But you wouldn't catch me actually DOING sport....

This autumn I: started having driving lessons (they were a birthday present). I passed my test the following March (first time! *proud*) It's probably the most useful skill I have! I'd hate not to be able to drive!

At Hallowe'en I dressed up as: nothing, I don't do anything for Hallowe’en. Same. I don't want to be a spoilsport for my kids, but I don't want them to go trick or treating. We went to a family non-Hallowe'en party instead.

I recently saw: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and thought it was: excellent! Kevin Costner AND Alan Rickman, mmmmm… I rarely go to the cinema. I think the last film I saw there was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. But I did see that twice within 3 days....

I am reading: Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, Sylvia Plath’s poetry, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennesse Williams, The Rainbow by DH Lawrence (all for my English A-level). Der Kaukasische Kreidekreis by Bertolt Brecht and Das Brot der Fruehen Jahre by Heinrich Boell (for my German A-level). Touch Not The Cat by Mary Stewart for myself! Right now I'm re-reading Jostein Gaarder's The Christmas Mystery. For the 5th time.

The big newspaper story this year is: Terry Waite got released from captivity. Also, Freddie Mercury just died. I guess this year it would be the recession, or MPs' expenses. The situation in Afghanistan is ongoing too, of course. Ack, the news is depressing!

The most dangerous thing I've ever done is: provoke my step-father. Yeah, that's still up there, but I could add bungee-jumping too!

The furthest away from home I've ever been (from the UK) is: Crete. It still is! I have done a fair bit of travelling since then, but never quite so far away!

That was interesting :-) For me, anyway!! And now it's time to visit Abi. Of course, she IS 17, so she's doing something slightly different. We may be time travelling after all.....


scrappyjacky said...

I'm with you on the TV [well,not actually on it,of course] those comedy quiz shows.

Sian said...

Love the Saw Doctors! Have you ever seen them live? Fantastic! Excellent photo..really made me smile today. Thanks!

Gennifer said...

You know I love that picture! :p

Mise said...

Isn't it interesting how character is formed by 17? I suspect you and your former self would get along famously. The Sawdoctors are one of our local bands in this part of Ireland; it's sometimes difficult to walk along the streets without hearing them play.

Amy said...

What a great idea to re-visit the theme with a modern twist!
I can relate to the getting out of the house issue ;-)
Thanks for sharing a peek into your life - I like the Kaiser Chiefs as well ... don't know the Saw Doctors - perhaps I do - I'm hopeless with the names of bands - I'll check them out!

MonicaB said...

Love the picture...made me laugh! Great update!

sharyncarlson said...

So much fun to compare your now answers to your 17 answers :) And your photo literally made me laugh out loud!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love how you had both the old & new answers together. It really gave your post a great perspective!

Beverly said...

loved your catch up.....your writing always makes me smile :)

Ruth said...

Your "now" answers were a great idea!