Tuesday, 3 November 2009

What's the story?

It's another 2-post day... I was getting a bit worried that Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers prompts were going to be arriving quite late on each day, but she's assured us that it was only late on the first two days, with (different) good reasons each time. So I won't get withdrawal symptoms each morning, which is good!

Before I start though, I'm slightly embarrassed to say that I've won another giveaway prize... *blush* Many thanks to Ruth :-)

(Not embarrassed enough to actually stop entering giveaways, obviously!)

Right, prompt time. Shimelle spent some time today talking about being careful how much we give away about ourselves when we blog. It was related to what I said earlier, and included quite a lot that I was thinking though I didn't mention it! She then related it to scrapbook layouts, and how some journaling might be there for all to see, some might be hidden, and some of the story you might not share on the layout at all (for whatever reason).

Er... Shimelle, I promise not to give away the content of each prompt every day through this class!!

It was an interesting prompt to think about. To be honest, no stories come readily to mind. I've been mulling it over ever since reading the prompt, and still nothing. Yes, there is hidden journaling on some of my layouts. Yes, there is info on some layouts that I wouldn't want to be as public as it would be if I shared it on this blog. Yes, there are often details that I just keep to myself and don't include on a layout at all (for whatever reason). But a story I haven't told yet, that gets me thinking about these areas? I don't seem to be doing too well with these prompts!! Bloggers block strikes again!!

But then I saw a quotation on a layout in a scrapbook mag. (Found it! It was by Lara Glasspool and it was in Scrapbook Inspirations , issue 59.) And I remembered that there is no 'wrong' way to do one of Shimelle's classes. So here is my version of a response to prompt 2:

(Apologies for the quality of this photo. There are reasons. Not necessarily good reasons, but reasons.)

"I love being married. It's great to find that one special person that you want to annoy for the rest of your life."
Rita Rudner

I plan to use a better quality version of this photo in a layout about me and The Doctor. (Yes, 'tis us! How young and carefree we look! How unlined our brows, how ungrey our hairs, how unbagged our eyes!) I love the quotation :-) The first line will be my title - I'm thinking of having the word 'married' quite big so it stands out most. The rest of the quotation will then be the rest of the visible journaling.

Then I shall include some hidden journaling. You don't get to see it here, sorry ;-) I may do as Shimelle suggests and write/type it out now as part of my response to prompt 2, but if I do, it shall be for The Doctor's eyes only (well, and mine, of course...) It shall be in the form of a letter to him. It shall be about the (many) ways in which I annoy him. It shall be saying sorry for the (many) ways. It shall be thanking him that he loves me despite all of the (many) ways. It shall be telling him that I love him too, very much. It shall probably be mushy. It shall probably make me cry. It shall be special.

Thanks Shimelle, for this prompt and for inspiring this layout-to-be :-)


valerie said...

fab post it will make a great page

Ruth said...

Glad I made you happy!

Barbara said...

Enjoyed reading your post.

scrappyjacky said...

Love the quote...can really relate to that....must relate to OH that there is a reason for us being married!!!! You're going to make a great page.

Linda said...

great quote! (linda from Shimelle's class)

Jocelyn said...

Great quote, and great idea for a layout!

Amy said...

Hi Mel, I hope you are feeling better - I'm catching up with your posts after being away.
I would have a very long list - it's a great idea for journaling! I really relate to your words about lack of grey hair and no saggy baggy eyes - I seem to do exceptionally well in that department .... unfortunately!

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

I'm finding it difficult not to give away class content when blogging too. Actually, I find it difficult not to give too much away when blogging at all! I guess I needed to get on to prompt #2, which I haven't even read yet. I'm a Blogging for Scrapbookers classmate.

Rachel Brett said...

I love that quote, so funny. Look forward to seeing the scrapbook page.

Jennifer Rose said...

I love that quote, its so very true lol

Clair said...

I really do love Rita Rudner - there's a special place in my heart for that shoulder-padded, overly curly haired lady!

Lara said...

Hi Mel - I'm Lara! I know, that quote is brilliant, I simply had to use it on the LO about being married - ha ha! My husband didn't mind that much... Am also doing Shimelle's class and very behind, but just gonna take it easy I think and make it last over 3 months or something - not enough hours in the day. Lovely to have discovered your blog :)