Friday, 20 November 2009

We Are Writers!

We enjoy writing in this family :-)

I do - this blog is evidence enough! I like putting the English language together. I like to consider my audience. I enjoy composing letters and emails, I've written poems and stories, I did a couple of lengthy written projects at university (which may not sound unusual - but I did a maths degree!) I've been fortunate enough to have several articles published, too.

The Doctor does - he's written several books and many articles, and writing is a big part of his job.

The Children do - and their school actually published a book of collected writings of the pupils last year, so they too have been in print! But they both enjoy writing little stories, sometimes by hand, sometimes on the computer, usually illustrated.

Yesterday I came across two such pieces while tidying up. Neither is recent. Both are lovely. I will scrapbook these.

Written by The Boy, age 6, and tucked inside my birthday card.

my garden

          two sparow
          two sparrows
          two blackbirds
          one blue tit and
          one pigon played hide from the
          sparrowhawks they played all
          day and had a lot of fun.
               suddenly a
               cat came so
               they hid from
          the end

Written by The Girl, age 6.

The Owl and the Dog

Once there lived a story called the Owl and the Dog.
Here are some facts about Owl:
  • Owl is always boasting.
  • Owl is always asking if anyone wants to try and fly better than him.
Here is a fact about Dog:
  • Dog is as fast as a blur.
Here is the story. I hope you enjoy it!

Once a long time ago there lived an owl and a dog.
Dog was sleeping (as usual) when he heard a noise. But it was only Owl... So Dog picked up his bone in his mouth and set off towards Owl and said "Because you are always boasting then if you boast then I shall tickle you with my fur."
"Okay", said Owl and he never boasted again. THE END.
By Full Name Of The Girl. (By the way sheep suck.)

We enjoy writing in this family :-)

PS I don't know why sheep suck, OK?!


Mary B said...

Fantastic they have such lovely vivid imaginations.Thank you so much for sharing such lovely stories written but your talented children.

I will have to ponder on why sheep suck something to think about as I go shopping.

speak to you later

JO SOWERBY said...

having no children of my own, i luv receiving things from the children in my life - those of my friends and relatives. oinly this week i had a handmade thank you card from my fave boy jonathan. just a simple card but one i will always treasure.
jo xxx

JO SOWERBY said...

oh sheep are ace by the way!
jo xxx

Jools said...

Children are THE best aren't they?

My middle daughter leaves me handwritten notes (generally reminding me of stuff I need to do) but I treasure them!

Thanks for sharing.

Mise said...

Now I'm looking forward to my children being 6. Clearly a good creative age. I was a mathematician too so I write x and y and epsilon better than any other letters. It's nice that you keep those pieces they did.

Unknown said...

Children have a way of simply being happy with simple drawings and simple words. Maybe we should take lessons from children to be happy.

Rachel Brett said...

I just love the things thaey come out with, this wil make a really nice Layout.

scrappyjacky said...

These will make a great LO....I've kept lots that my children wrote/made but as yet have only scrapped the letter to Santa DD wrote age 8 where she actually put the prices by each item she wanted and listed in order of importance!!!!!

Cheri said...

That is just too cute. Your kids have a future in writing I think. (And thanks for the hugs on my bad day post!)

Sian said...

Oh yes! They can certainly write. Just like their mum.

Tammy said...

Absolutely love childrens writings!!!

melody said...

wow ~ 6 years old ~ those are fabulous writings and something to definitely cherish!

Amy said...

What's up with the sheep aversion - they're not too smart but, come on! What thoroughly gorgeous pieces of writing - they have great imagination and how fabulous that you have rediscovered them.

Clair said...

Oh now, if a little 'fast as a blur' dog offered to tickle me with his I'd boast all the time. Sometimes, kids rule :)

sharyncarlson said...

So darn cute. They are following iny our footsteps!