Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Top Ten Tuesday. Except it's not Tuesday...

I had a kind of plan to introduce an occasional feature called Top Ten Tuesday. It wouldn't necessarily be every week, but now and then, if I needed a blogging topic. I could then scrap layouts on the different Top Tens. I haven't needed to run it yet lol - I haven't needed to look for a blogging topic when there's so much going on already!

But then Shimelle's prompt today for Blogging for Scrapbookers reminded me of it again, even though that wasn't directly what it was about. So today, ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you:

My first Top Ten Tuesday! And you can blame Shimelle that I'm unveiling it on a Wednesday...;-)

Top Ten Random Things I Love Right Now

Costa Gingerbread Latte

It has to be Fairtrade coffee, and it has to be skimmed milk. Yummy :-) And I now have my own bottle of gingerbread syrup so I can make them at home! (You know, if you Google 'Costa gingerbread latte', my blog appears as one of the first few results?!)


Err.... There was supposed to be a photo of a chocolate bar here, but it turns out I've eaten them all...

Well, duh! This was a no-brainer! And not exactly random!

Joe Browns clothes

Not exactly a secret lol - did you see I got a comment from them thanking me for being such a fan?!

Jane Austen novels

Love 'em :-) Maybe Mansfield Park not quite so much, but I could re-read the others any number of times.

Good screen adaptations of Jane Austen novels

Usually that would be the BBC versions. Pride and Prejudice is perfect. Persuasion is good too. I prefer the Gwyneth Paltrow version of Emma though.


Love 'em, and love using the colour scheme in my craft!

My new mobile phone

Especially that I can get my emails on it. And it's an MP3 player. And it has a cool purple case :-)

Shimelle's classes

It's official - I'm an addict ;-)


It's official - I'm an addict ;-)


I know I've shared this one before but it's still my favourite so far!

Not sure when the next Top Ten Tuesday will appear, but I plan to pick different themes to blog and scrap about - authors, books, music, food, etc, etc! Any other suggestions welcome :-)

I'm hoping to catch up on the scrapping side of the Blogging for Scrapbookers class at the weekend - the prompts are weekdays only, and as I've done the planning for the layouts I hope I can at least get a couple done. The prompts are definitely getting me thinking though :-)


scrappyjacky said...

Fascinating to see different people's favourites....I'm with you on Costa....though mine would be a mocha,please.

20Birds said...

i love these kinds of lists, and gingerbread latte? i could get into that

Rachel said...

Love your list. Glad your addicted to blogging, 'cos I like stopping by.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Fantastic list. How cool is it to get a comment pack from the Joe Brown people??? I also love Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice . . . especially when he emerges dripping we out of the lake! Maybe even better than chocolate . . .

Gennifer said...

Ooh. I love wordles!

P.S. What is Melsh?

Cat said...

Spooky but lovely - I love everything on your favourites list!!

Costa gingerbread lattes - yum. ( I too have the syrup...!!)

The Creative Beast said...

great list! i must look up this "wordles" thing and see how to create one - looks cool!

Ruth said...

Gingerbread latte smells like Christmas ... I was just telling someone that this afternoon!

The Creative Beast said...

BTW: congratulations on the giveaway!! i'll e-mail you later this week for some details =-)

Jo's Place said...

Great list, I am in love with that top.

helena said...

love the rainbow - ideas of ways to use that perculating in my head, thanks

Anonymous said...

Ah, Costa Gingerbread Latte. It's the best! I just managed to make my syrup eke out until June and then, joy of joy, my local Costa got a bottle in so I could buy my beloved Gingerbread Lattes again. I have my own syrup again now too.

I'm with you on the Jane Austens too :-D

Amy said...

Mel, what a great list. I love the novels but I have to say that I can't stand Emma - had her again at a book club recently and my whole discussion was justifying my dislike! Have you seen the P&P adaptation called 'Lost In Austen'? You absolutely must - it is so well written and fabulously irreverent and utterly hilarious.

Jane said...

Oh I'm a huge Jane Austen fan too.......and I had never heard of Wordles until today and now after blog surfing from Shimelles class they seem to be everywhere - I guess you really do learn something new every day! Very cool!


melissa said...

I with you 100% on the Jane Austen novels. I am re-reading Northanger Abbey. I am very excited that PBS is doing a 3 series mini of Emma in January.

I simultaneously melt and get the chills when I think of the field scene in P&P when Mr. Darcy and Lizzy meet up. fact I have the music on my playlist!

Good to see so many Austen fans out there!

Meghann Andrew said...

Love your rainbow card. So sweet and happy!