Sunday, 1 November 2009

Giveaway closed, and I'M a winner!!

No, I don't mean I won my own giveaway lol... But I entered one or two about 50 million giveaways during Blogtoberfest, and many of them closed this weekend - I've been fortunate enough to win some more prizes!!

But first, a gratuitous photo of The Girl having a lot of fun on a swing, 'cos I don't like posting without including a picture:

And now, my prizes :-) In the order that I found out about them:

Many, many thanks to Yanxia at Bellasia Creations! She creates the most stunningly beautiful jewellery, and I now have a $30 gift certificate to put towards something gorgeous from her Etsy store!! The difficulty is going to be narrowing down my choice, there's so much loveliness there... :-)

Then I had a lovely comment from Ange, who writes at Ange's Ramblings. She's kindly giving me a little something as a 'most consistent commenter' award - I have frequented her blog often throughout Blogtober, 'tis true!! Gosh, her home is stunningly lovely - those views... And I love her quilts, too! Thanks so much Ange, I've really enjoyed following your blog thus far and look forward to whatever you plan to share next :-)

And THEN I was catching up on various blogs I follow when I came across an announcement by ~~ Chev Girl ~~ - my comment on her nearly-100th post was picked by good ol' Thanks, ;-) Many, many thanks Chev Girl!! What a day!!

And now I have the fun of picking some winners myself! :-) It may take a little while, depending how cooperative The Hamster is, but I promise to announce the results as soon as I can. Good luck everybody!

Oh, one more thing, nearly forgot! The SuperPops challenge has finished, and the final stage is The Vote. No pressure, but it would be lovely if you could visit the CurlyPops blog and vote for SuperMel er, I mean choose your own favourite and vote for it!

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Hannah said...

Im so happy you won Kates (chevgirl) giveaway! She is a good friend of mine in realife :)

you were definately the most frequent commenter on my blog lat month too :)