Thursday, 12 November 2009

Anatomy of a layout

Yesterday's post, where I first shared this layout, was purposefully short and sweet. I wanted to fill in a few of the details of how I put this together, but I decided to do it another time - that time is now! So, here's another look at the layout:

Firstly, I'd like to say that the dark border isn't part of the layout - I just photographed it on a dark background - but I like the effect so much I might just have to get a black frame and display this somewhere!

The back story to the layout is here; it's my response to one of Shimelle's prompts in the Blogging for Scrapbookers class. But also, the challenge at All About Me was to scrap something you couldn't live without - and I toyed with lots of fun, jokey ideas (which I may also scrap some time) but I kept coming back to The Children and The Doctor. So now I had a double impetus to make this layout!

I knew how I wanted to put the title together, so my first task was to find the right alphas. What I've used here are letters from a set which came with a big scrapbook kit I got from CostCo last year - the manufacturer was something like 'Portfolia'. The letters were actually dark green though, which was fine, but not the look I wanted for this project. So I decided to cover them with funky paper, and remembered that I had a lovely 12 x 12 Paper Wad that again came as part of a kit but I'm not sure who the manufacturer is, sorry! The front cover of the paper pad says 'Scrap Booking for Magical Moments' if that's any help...?

The slightly faded, distressed look of the papers helped me make the decision to go with a ripped and distressed look. (I also thought it might go with the sentiment - by the time I've finished annoying and tormenting him, The Doctor often feels distressed and battered!!) I glued the paper to each letter then cut round the outline with a craft knife, not bothering too much about following the line exactly. I then sanded all round the edge.

The bright colours meant that the photo would be best in black and white, so I cut strips of the patterned paper to form a kind of photo mat to 'lift' the photo a bit. I crumpled and sanded the strips and attacked them with scissors and generally had a good time :-)

Having arranged all this on the page, the corner needed something to tie it together, and I had a little pack of chipboard tags that came with the same kit as the papers so co-ordinated beautifully. I sanded it a bit but wasn't quite as brutal with it as I'd been with the papers!

That just left the rest of the Rita Rudner quotation. I had a 'love' sticker that came on a Kelly Panacci sticker sheet from Sandylion. For the rest, I printed the words at approximately the right size using my favourite Dreamed About You font and carefully copied them onto the cardstock using a fine-nibbed black journaling pen. (My heart was in my mouth at this stage - I was terrified of making a mistake!!)

All done - and time to show The Doctor :-) He read the title and smiled at me lovingly. He read the subtitle and lowered his head into his hands, weeping gently.... But then, I haven't done the hidden journaling yet. Not sure if that'll make him laugh or cry - maybe both!


Amy said...

Mel, I love the weathered look of the papers - and how you have broken down the process so clearly. Your photos are detailed, lovely snippets of the 'whole'. Personally, I'm all up for husband tormenting ... keeps them on their toes!

Amy said...

Oooh, have you changed your settings to allow for bigger photos? They look a great size.

Cat said...

Fabulous layout and I love the way you've explained how you put it together! Really like the dream font too - works brilliantly on the white cardstock. I'm impressed with your copying skills!!

Oh, and those shelves are the nicest part of my kitchen so no need to feel too jealous - the rest is nowhere near as pretty!!

Unknown said...

A lovely LO!

Jenny said...

Fab layout. I like the distrssed look and how you've covered the letters.

Clair said...

I second Amy. Keep the larger pictures please :)

Nadine said...

that explains the alphas. in which,
nifty tip! shall do that to extra alphas! maybe you can start
your own line of designing such
alphas XD

(did I overuse the term "alphas"? ;p)

Maria Ontiveros said...

So cool to see how you think!

Linda said...

I love those letters! Thanks for this post, really interesting to see how a LO comes together!

paperpocket said...

i love the LO and the sentiment behind it. look at you all pretty in your wedding things!


Ruth said...

You should check out Shimelle's Scrap Like You Mean It challenge on UKScrappers this week - Scrap A Thank You.

Rachel Brett said...

Stunning layout, I love the multi-coloured title.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think you should have added Rita Rudner's name as an attribution if you were going to use her joke?

SarahLP said...

It's a gorgeous LO - and I love how you described how it was made!

PS I wholeheartedly agree with all the comments on your more recent post on 'Anonymous' - cowardly and pathetic. Bah!!