Monday, 30 November 2009

17 again!

Welcome to 1991! This very special train is taking everyone back to being 17 :-) Lots of my friends are also 17 today, though they may be in slightly different time zones...

There's Kate, Helen, Jools, Nightwolf, Naddie, Laura, Sian, Beverly, Becky, Deb, Christy, Siobhan, Jo,
Sara, Monica, Gen, Abi (she's the train driver), and Jay (the platform guard). And me, of course. But you already found me ;-) Hope you enjoy the trip!

Would you like to get to know me a little bit better? Well, firstly, here's a pic:

Sorry, I hate having my photo taken! Most of the pics of me have my hand hiding my face, or are a side view or something because someone snuck up on me and I didn't realise they had a camera. Like this one:

Here are some facts about me:

My hair colour is: brown with a hint of red.

My hair style is: non-existent! Long hair, no fringe, no style as such…
My favourite brand of makeup is: none, I don’t wear make-up.
My "fashionable" item is: Um… You seriously think I might have a fashionable item?!
My favourite outfit is: jeans with a baggy t-shirt.
I drive a: Peugeot 309 when I can borrow it from my mum!
On a Saturday I go: to work in a bakery (my Saturday job).
On a Saturday night I go: home from work and stay in. I don’t have much of a social life :-(
On a Sunday I go: round to a friend’s house, or just stay in (see above!).
Monday-Friday I go: to school (6th form – to do A-levels in English, Maths, German and General Studies).
My best friends are: Caroline (even though she’s moved away), Catherine, Clare
My favourite place to go out is: nowhere really (see above…).
My favourite subject at school is: English. But I also really like Maths.
When I grow up I want to be: a teacher.
My favourite drink is: pineapple juice with lemonade.
My favourite food is: salt and vinegar crisps. (I’m a vegetarian. I’m not keen on vegetables though.)
My favourite shop is: the bakery where I work. Great boss, yummy cakes, and the odd freebie :-)
I want to marry: I have no idea! I suppose Marti Pellow would do nicely… ;-)
My favourite actor is: Kevin Costner. Or maybe River Phoenix. And I like Alan Rickman, too.
My favourite band is: Wet Wet Wet.
My favourite TV programme is: The Crystal Maze.
The one thing I want to do but can't (yet) is: go to university. I can’t wait to finish my A-levels and go to uni :-)
My most used mode of transport is: my feet!
If I had all the money in the world I would: go on holidays with all my friends :-)
I wish I could visit: New Zealand. I don’t know why, but it really appeals to me.
My favourite sport is: football (to watch, not play!)
This autumn I: started having driving lessons (they were a birthday present).
At Hallowe'en I dressed up as: nothing, I don't do anything for Hallowe’en.
I recently saw: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and thought it was: excellent! Kevin Costner AND Alan Rickman, mmmmm…
I am reading: Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, Sylvia Plath’s poetry, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennesse Williams, The Rainbow by DH Lawrence (all for my English A-level). Der Kaukasische Kreidekreis by Bertolt Brecht and Das Brot der Fruehen Jahre by Heinrich Boell (for my German A-level). Touch Not The Cat by Mary Stewart for myself!
The big newspaper story this year is: Terry Waite got released from captivity. Also, Freddie Mercury just died.
The most dangerous thing I've ever done is: provoke my step-father.
The furthest away from home I've ever been (from the UK) is: Crete.

I seem to lead quite a boring life :-(

But also, I should maybe let you know that my Mum reads my blog sometimes....

I picked 17 of these facts about me and made a layout with them. Here it is:

(I meant to zoom in and crop that photo before I printed it. *doh!* I shall do that and replace the one on the layout some time...)

The background is dark brown card. I covered chipboard numbers with linen-textured pink card and inked the edges in brown.

The rest of the title I die-cut from the same pink cardstock. I printed the journaling in brown on the same cardstock, using Crushed Out Girl font. I cut the journaling into strips and arranged them on the page.

The journaling took up so much space that I couldn't fit much patterned paper on the page but I wanted to use a little bit, so I cut two pieces the same size as the photo, inked the edges in brown, and used them as a photo mat by angling them either side of the photo.
Thanks for visiting me here in 1991 :-) Now it's time to travel Back to the Future - you see, Abi really is 17! Wishing you a safe journey xx


Liberty :) said...

This is an inspired layout and I love the colours together!!! Yay!

Maria Ontiveros said...

So fun to read about you as a kid!
Loving these,

scrappyjacky said...

Love the layout...great to read your facts....I think my life was pretty boring at 17.....and I don't have anyone to hide the facts from!!

Gennifer said...

You crack me up. Great layout! :)

Nadine said...

ooh I wanted to be a teacher when I
was ten. I later changed my mind (:

I like the colours of the layout~
thanks for sharing!

Sian said...

Yes! yes! I did Antony and Cleopatra and The Rainbow for A level. Fab way to get all those facts on your LO..nice 90's inspired colours too. This is one fascinating ride!

Jessica Griffin said...

lol! It was great getting to know you a little better. And in a different era!! ;)

Abi said...

Hi! so fun to look at your answers. Loads of ppl's are actually very similar to mine which is really interesting. Nice to give my perspective of what 17 is like now! Lol! Thanks for sharing! xxxx

Jools said...

Definitely not boring but then I look back at mine and think boring too! LOL.

Great layout too.

Jay said...

It's not boring at all. I love the pink and brown LO, those colours go so well together.
Off back on the train now.

Clair said...

I've noticed that you still have an aversion to having your photo taken. I now know that I must sneak up from the side :)

Love the layout - and I really miss The Crystal Maze.

Becky said...

Love your layout! The photo of you hiding your face with your hand is classic 17 year old :) Thanks for sharing.

sharyncarlson said...

What a fun blog train. Love that you turned it into a LO, too :)

Helen Overton said...

Great post, very amusing :)

Jennifer Rose said...

new zealand is gorgeous :D great place to visit :)

Ruth said...

Cool post. You should update those answers for 2009. I hope you got to NZ ~ it's awesome!

The Creative Beast said...

what a fun idea - back-in-time-train! and i love the layout you made...

Sara said...

Great layout and loved the photos.
Sara x

Amy said...

Your first picture really could be me - I used to do the exact same thing .... loved that Robin Hood movie as well!

Beverly said...

enjoyed your answers and you weren't boring, love the layout, thanks for naming the font, i want it :)

debs14 said...

Great post!
Hard to believe that I was studying Ant and Cleo and The Rainbow for English A level back in 1975 and they were still making you read them when you were 17 too!
Also weird to think that Queen were just starting out when I was 17 and Freddie Mercury died when you were the same age.

DELiciousDesignz said...

Oh 17 what a year! All that awkwardness , not having a car yet, still being at school...who would want that again.
I love that layout you did.

ceruleanblue said...

Luckily my mum refuses to read my blog so I confessed on mine, hee hee!
Great layout!

Carrie said...

Nice "17" page!

Gez Butterworth said...

more awesomeness! just love that font on your LO Mel. Ooh, Crystal Maze...I used to love that. Great facts. You sounded like a great kid. Thanks for sharing.xx Just trying to work out how old I was in 1991!!