Wednesday, 21 October 2009

What's cooking on 21st of Blogtober?

Today my creativity has been channelled into cooking :-) I'm slowly converting this:

into a more organised and easily indexed format - via my other blog, Melsh Recipes. The key word here is 'slowly'! You see, I don't want to add a recipe until the next time I actually make it and photograph the results, and sometimes I've made it but forgot to photograph it, or sometimes I just haven't got around to typing up the ingredients and method...

But today I made a couple of things! I made Malteser Cake for my work colleagues, because it's someone's last day tomorrow and that is definitely reason enough for Malteser Cake. I haven't cut it up yet because the Maltesers start to go soft once it's sliced, but I shall update the photo tomorrow. Here's what it looks like at the moment:

I also made some Light Fruit Loaf for our House Group who are meeting at ours tonight. I'm not generally a fan of fruitcake but I love this one!

I'm hoping there'll be some left for Clair to try tomorrow (she's coming round for a cake and craft frenzy). If not, I shall have to make some little drop scone type thingies, but fear not Clair - one way or another, there will definitely be cake ;-)

Oh, and our new dentist is lovely :-) She was so great with The Girl! I still need a filling though... :-(


Clair said...

I love that you've gone from cake to dentist. It doesn't make me relish the idea of that fruit cake. I'm hoping it's a softie! x

humel said...

Oi Clair, less of your cheek!! The trip to the dentist was yesterday, as you'd know if you'd been reading my blog... :-b Your chances of actually getting any cake have suddenly dramatically decreased!!

Weza said...


Cathie said...

i saw the cake at Clairs & had to pop by for some more pics...mmmmm