Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 6

Amy has compiled a list of ideas for people to use as inspiration during Blogtober. I haven't taken much notice of it because (as someone so rudely said to me the other day) I'm unlikely to run out of things to say... But I did notice that yesterday or today or round about now was the suggested theme of 'Frocktober'. Which is quite timely, 'cos today I wanted to mention my new friend Clair's new venture, which is a joint meme-thingy (with Paper Pocket) called Fashion Forward. I absolutely do not claim to have any fashion knowledge whatsoever, but I humbly accept that I don't need to ('cos Clair said so) and actually it's just about sharing some of your own fave trends in clothing, accessories or interiors. Did I get that right, Clair?!

And also, Clair only flippin' went and linked to a site called Polyvore where you can play around with cool stuff and make nice collage style pics with it all. I would've spent quite a while there anyway but I managed to forget to save my drafts regularly and then accidentally went back a page and lost what I'd done so had to start over - grrr.... (It doesn't help that I know it was my own fault!!) So anyway, _eventually_ I came up with a sort of representation of the kind of stuff I like to wear - jeans and tunic tops and nice necklaces and Docs or funky trainers - forgot to add a hat! I also love to wear hats! (Today's is a black baker boy style!) And here it is, the kind of outfit that I totally could see myself wearing:
My look
And yes, of course I'm that tall and thin! ;-) (And I have no head - or does it just feel like I'm headless most of the time...?!)

So that's my pic for today :-) I'll try to pop back later with a craft of some kind - see you then!


Clair said...

Oh, I had totally forgotten our discussion about DMs being back in fashion. I love DMs. *swoon*

That purpley top's cute too. And, yes, you're right - it's all about stuff YOU like. The world would be rather crappy if everyone liked the same things.

And, while I'm here, I so use Polyvore to do my 'digital scrapping'. It's free, right? x

paperpocket said...

Doc Martens are so cool! I wanted a pair when I was a teenager and never got some! Love the tunic and necklace too <3

Thanks for joining in :)