Friday, 2 October 2009

Something Completely Different, and Blogtoberfest stuff

This month's challenges on the Something Completely Different challenge blog will all involve inchies, and this week's theme is Oriental. I must confess, my heart sank slightly when I saw the theme. I've just never really been a fan of 'oriental'. (Apologies to whoever chose the theme! We just don't all like the same things, is all - not meant as a criticism in any way, and no offence meant!) I was keen to try an inchie though, as I've had a pack of Stampbord squares in different sizes hanging around unopened for way too long and I knew some of them would be 1" square. I pulled out one and measured it and was surprised to discover the one I'd picked was 1.5" square - the inchie, when I found it, was TINY!! (Really should've known this, as a Maths teacher...) So anyway, I thought around the oriental theme for a bit, and started to think about beautiful red backgrounds with white full moons and black branches - you know the kind of thing?

I used a Whispers inkpad to add red ink to the inchie, then stamped part of a Hero Arts flower stamp in black StazOn. I punched a little circle from some scrap card and used the negative as a mask to scratch away the red to create the 'moon'. About halfway through this scratching process, it dawned on me that I could've used the punched circle as a mask when doing the inking step, to leave a white circle without any scratching required... Oh well, clearly the learning process continues even though September is over!

So that's also my craft for Day 2 of Blogtoberfest. And here's a photo from my day:

When I got to school at the end of the day, The Girl was desperate to show me something. "Mummy, Mummy, come with me! Look at this! I want to show you something! Come on, Mummy!" (etc, etc...) She and a couple of friends had spent their breaktimes today building a nest in the fork of a tree trunk on the school playing field. They're _convinced_ they'll go back on Monday to find that a bird has moved in - never mind that the season is wrong, that it was built by humans, that the nest is quite near the ground - it had to be, it was built by 7-year-olds who are not generally all that tall! Bless 'em, little darlings :-) (Which is not exactly what I was saying an hour ago while The Girl was having a full-scale strop, but hey!)


Dawn said...

Well I'm the guilty one with the theme choice LOl!!
I like your take on it though with the red then black leaves and we all have things we like and don't like and that's what a challenge is all about...thanks for joining us again


Ange Moore said...

Love the girlie-made nest! Here's hoping there's a lazy, homeless, unfussy bird somewhere nearby - his lucky day!!

About to head off to enter your giveaway, know what you mean about blogging when you're too busy checking out everyone else's blogs. Enjoy the Blogtoberfestivities.

Carol Plume said...

Hi - what a great inchie and I really love the scratched moon - it looks like a paintbrush really striking!

I'm so glad that you had a go at something outside your comfort zone and look, you've created something totally gorgeous so well done you!! xx

Zoechaos said...

So simple and spot on love the background colour, would never have guessed the moon was scratched looks as if it were painted with pearlised paint!

Fiona said...

Great inchy - if you enjoyed doing the inchy you may enjoy joining in with my inchy challenge blog - you'll find it here

Gez Butterworth said...

Hi Humel Love your inchy. So glad you could join us this week on Something Completely Different.

Easier challenge tomorrow...I chose it! xx