Saturday, 24 October 2009

Pretty package and project in progress on 24th of Blogtober

I had such a cute package in the post today! (Not a prize this time lol - this item I ordered myself!) Here's what was inside the Jiffy bag:

And inside the box was...:

...a bee-yoo-tiful necklace from Linkel Designs on Etsy :-) I stumbled across the shop during a recent weekend promotion so I got a little discount on the necklace, too (bonus!) but frankly the range is soooo gorgeous I would've bought something anyway - the difficulty was narrowing down my choice!

Here's a closer look:

Isn't it lovely?! (And Ange, do you see what I mean about the birdie? OK, not exactly the same, but reminiscent, huh?)

Not much time for crafting today, but I did manage to trim some cardstock and cut some fabric ready to make some little notebooks:

Need to get the ol' craft iron out before I can get on with this though, and I just don't feel that way inclined right now! One of these will be part of the top prize in my giveaway, I think I may include one each for the runners up too, and it's always worth having a spare or two around :-) If I remember to take the appropriate photos I'll post a tutorial for these little notebooks some time, they're easy enough to do and I rather like how they turn out!

That's all for today, folks - I have a few jobs to get done and then The Darling Doctor is taking me out to dinner tonight, which may be _just_ the excuse I need to wear my new necklace ;-)


Weza said...

That necklace is so cute. MMM I could be into something like that.

Ange Moore said...

That's a gorgeous necklance and definitely reminiscent...

Have fun crafting.

Claire said...

Oh gorgeous! I just had a look at her etsy. There are so many I love! So thank you for sharing :)

Cheryl said...

Love it will have to have a look !

Kelly said...

I'm so glad you like your necklace, Mel! Thanks for blogging about it!