Sunday, 18 October 2009

It's 18th of Blogtober - meet Joyful Mel and SuperMel!

Because I don't have enough to do (*hollow ironic laughter*...) I got all inspired by two projects lately. One was to create a Joy Doll with The Creative Beast, and the other to create a SuperPops with CurlyPops (although I actually did a SuperMel instead, oh well!) That's what yesterday's sneak peek was about - I spent all evening sewing and now Joyful Mel and SuperMel are ready to be unveiled!

This is Joyful Mel.

(And this is Joyful Mel's back.)

Why is she Joyful, you ask? Ah, my friends, that is because she has LOVE in her life :-)

Joyful Mel loves The Doctor, and The Doctor loves Joyful Mel.

Joyful Mel loves The Boy, and The Boy loves Joyful Mel.

Joyful Mel loves The Girl, and The Girl loves Joyful Mel.

Joyful Mel loves God, and God loves Joyful Mel.

There is a theory that Joyful Mel feels Joyful because she is, in fact, drunk.

This theory has come about because of Joyful Mel's googly eyes and wonky smile.

Joyful Mel would like to refute any such suggestion most emphatically.

But there is more to this story!

You see, Joyful Mel has a secret.

On occasion, when required, Joyful Mel becomes SuperMel!

SuperMel has a cool gold cape.

SuperMel _loves_ her strappy gold sandals.

(SuperMel does however concede that said sandals were a pain in the neck to sew, and maybe she should have chosen a simpler design - or just gone barefoot.)

SuperMel flies through the air, scattering love and sparkliness wherever it is needed.

The only clues to SuperMel's real identity are her bright red hair, and the heart that adorns her cape.

Don't let on that you know who she really is, will you?

Why yes, observant blog reader, it is indeed true that SuperMel has no nose.

What's that, reader? How does she smell?

Beautifully fragrant, of course - of wild roses and white chocolate and gingerbread!

Joyful Mel and SuperMel may or may not have further adventures in the future... But if they do, you'll hear all about them here ;-)


Ange Moore said...

These are two very cute softies! I love the picture of a flying SuperMel - she's very slender!!

CurlyPops said...

Aha she's fantastic!
Love the gold lame cape with the sweet little loveheart.... she's SUPER indeed.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Mel! I think that Joyful Mel is fabulous - even with her wonky eyes LOL! And Ange is quite right, Flying Super Mel is very slender - what is her secret?

Snooze said...

These are too gorgeous: annoying strappy gold sandals and all. Good work.

The Creative Beast said...

These are ADORABLE!!! I'll be in touch soon with an e-mail to send the pics to for the final judging...

thanks so much for participating and posting your dolls at your site!

Cathie said...

how cute! superpops in all her golden glory :)