Monday, 19 October 2009

Fashion Forward on 19th of Blogtober


Are you playing along with Fashion Forward? If so, post your link here and I'll give you three extra entries into my giveaway :-)

I mentioned some time that I love hats and have quite a collection - I thought I'd share a few of them here for this week's Fashion Forward. I _hate_ photos of me, you have no idea how hard it was for me to do this!! And I've never tried taking photos of myself before, I took soooo many; if these are the ones that got through, just imagine how awful must have been the ones that didn't?!

Here's my favourite 'Oops!' shot:

How rubbish is that?! I am in it though - look, can you see my nose on the right?!

Anyway, first of all, here are some Baker Boy style caps - a knitted white one, a black cotton, and a beige suede:

Then I have a reversible sunhat. Here you (nearly) see me modelling both the stripy side and the pink side! And also a woven hat in rainbow colours:

And then there are some warm winter hats - a fleece beanie (man, I look gorgeous in that shot!), a knitted thing with earflaps and tassels, and a lime green skull cap type hat:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, those are the photos that actually made it through the vetting process... You should've seen the ones that didn't!! (You can't though, they are SO deleted....!!)

And yep, we do have a lot of books :-) That's my contribution to the interior design aspect of this Fashion Forward thing. Books are not only fashionable, they are _vital_!

Oh, and the other thing was that I wanted to tell you a little bit about how I made Joyful Mel and SuperMel (who I posted yesterday, if you missed it and have no clue what I'm on about!) I basically went through my box of fabric scraps and used Sizzix dies to cut the shapes: Doll Body, Dungarees, Dresses, Girl and Boy Hair, Shoes, hearts from Heart Border, and the mask was trimmed down from Sizzlit Buttons #3 die. Then I lightly stuffed the bodies and stitched it all together. In theory the clothes could be removed, as the fronts and backs are just joined with overstitch, they're not attached directly to the bodies (with the exception of a stitch or two to stop the shoes falling off!)

I was kind of tempted to post Joyful Mel and SuperMel as my Fashion Forward contribution - they have great fashion sense ;-)


Clair said...

I think that my favourite is the cheeky chappy style hat you have on in the top right. Looking forward to seeing Super Mel on Thursday (it'll make a change from Super-chatty Mel!)

FF button is up and ready for grabbing!

Vic said...

I luff your baker boys (I too am a hat devotee) & your shelves... I covet your shelves unashamedly, in fact.

I shall have some. Oh yes.

Anonymous said...

It is actually one of my goals in life to have a shelf of books, or even a room just like that! The ultimate would be a room with floor to ceiling shelves of books with those ladders on rungs and wheels so you can slide along to get your book - I am so juvenile ..... I think the ladder would be as much fun as the books!

Ange Moore said...

Oh I love the wall to wall books. That is one thing I regret not designing into our new house but I suspect our downstairs living area will become like this (we already have 3 book shelves in there and may end up getting some custom built around other furniture)!

Jennifer Rose said...

look at all those books o.0 I would never leave. love the hats, can never have too many

paperpocket said...

i love your woven rainbow hat! That's it, i'm digging out every hat i've ever owned! I love that you vetted the too! I take particular joy in deleting the unflattering ones :)


ps go supermel!

Courtney said...

So many books! It is my dream room. Your hats are really cute. The one with tassels and ear flaps must be so warm and comfy.

Emily said...

Love the hats...not usually a hat person but so cute on you!

melody said...

WHOA.........look at all those books! and what funky kewl hats chickie! and your *dolls* are fabulous chickie ~ so fun and so creative!

Clair said...

Glad you got the button sorted - it worked fine when I tested it. Sometimes Blogger is weird like that though. Just got to keep trying with it x

Grethic said...

My vote is with the rainbow hat - very joyful!