Thursday, 22 October 2009

Crafting, cake, classes, cool packages and 22nd of Blogtober


I've had such a good day :-) It started well when postie brought me a package - my prize from the lovely, talented Jess at Can You Pixel This? - a tin that she decorated for me, personally, as a place to store my recipes!! This is the reason I began my recipe blog, so I can collect my recipes together ready to transfer onto cards which I will store in this gorgeous tin:
 Hmm, totally failed to show that a couple of the apples are dimensional - may need to take some extra pics! And Jess was a little concerned that a couple of the pom poms fell off, but I have plans to add little cookery-themed charms in those gaps, so I'm actually quite happy about it :-)

I'd sort of half forgotten that Jess also kindly offered to let me have an order delivered to her address, so I could take advantage of an American website that doesn't deliver overseas, so when I found that order inside the tin it was almost like getting an extra present:

Plus she'd tucked in a couple of little goodies, so I really did get an extra present too:

Thank you muchly, Jess!! Oh, and I also want to tell you about some fabby kits Jess is offering on her site right now - I'm particularly drooling over the travel themed kit in blue, but also loving the Christmas and Valentine's sets :-)

And then Clair came round and we did much craft, mainly involving Fimo:

(btw Clair, those metallic rub on creams I mentioned worked like a dream to add definition to the stamped pieces! Will add pics once I've finished playing with them!)

We also partook of cake:

and bacon butties!! It's so cool to find a local craft-minded and friend who is as keen to meet up regularly for craft, cake and chat as I am... Thanks Clair for such a fun day, I'm so looking forward to our next crafty meet - I've already packed my beads and pliers!!

AND I got the confirmation details today of the new Shimelle online course I've signed up to :-) It's called Blogging for Scrapbookers and runs through most of November, and also includes a book of a whole year's worth of prompts and ideas - so will fill in the gap between Blogtoberfest and Journal Your Christmas very nicely indeed while also helping me if I ever run out of things to say!!

A good day indeed :-)

And if you've made it to the end of this post, here's your reward! Tell me what the best thing was about your day today, and I'll give you an extra entry into my giveaway in return :-)


Clair said...

Oh, well that's an easy extra entry into your giveaway. The best thing about my day was....You! (Awww!)

The Steve's face while he was eating that bit of cake you sent for him came a very close second.

And, ahem, as if you'd ever run out of things to say x

humel said...

lol Good girl ;-) You still only get one extra entry - but lots of Brownie points!!

I do occasionally stop talking, you know...

Clair said...

Only when your eating cake! x

We took it turns today people. One ate, the other talked. It's new, improved version of the talking stick!

Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

Ok I can think of one that cake looks yummy was their any cake left Clair lol x

Ange Moore said...

That cake looks delicious! Best thing that's happened so far today - the big kid is playing downstairs with her cousins and the little kid is asleep, hmmmm, a few moments to myself!!

Vic said...

NOICE!!! Super jealous, actually...! ;)

Patricia said...

Mmm one of the best things that happened to me today is creating a blog for giveaways, and blogging about yours, and that´s right here:

Grethic said...

The nice man in the hardware shop has mixed my wall paints so I can complete the room I'm decorating; small thing but makes me happy to see it all come up looking clean and a ok

Birgit said...

I bought an inexpensive copy of the "Mummy 3" DVD -- yeah! :)

Greetings from Munich,