Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Comments, cookery and craft on 28th Blogtober

About comments, first of all...

I _love_ getting comments on my posts! It's so lovely to know that people are reading what I have to say, and that they're interested enough to reply. It never fails to make me smile when I get an email to say that there's a new comment on my blog! (And all this despite the fact that I claimed right back here when I first set up my blog that it really didn't matter if I was the only one who ever read it....)

BUT! I know I can be a bit rubbish sometimes at getting back to people when they've commented! I do try, really I do... Sometimes by email (if you left an email address on the comment form - it doesn't get published here, but does allow me to email you), sometimes by referring to your comment in my next post, sometimes within the comments themselves, and sometimes by visiting your blog in return. But I know that I haven't always managed it, and I am truly, sincerely sorry if I've missed you (particularly when I consider how much pleasure and how many smiles your comments give me). I have been going back through a few older posts and so if I haven't visited you yet I may well be doing so soon, but more importantly, I promise to try harder with all new comments. And please, know this: I read, enjoy and appreciate every single comment, I really do :-)

Craftwise, today's post once again includes a cookery update. Jess's gorgeously lovely and generous giveaway prize has really inspired me to keep building my recipe blog - next step is to make some recipe cards and transfer the details onto those! So the latest updates are:

Drop scone/Scotch pancake thingies

Tomato sauce

Smoked salmon and spinach pasta

And I'm just waiting for an excuse to make some chocolate fudge, so I can share that recipe with you too... ;-)

And finally (for now!) I've made an inchie for the latest challenge at Something Completely Different. The theme this week is Faces, and once again I really seem to have made heavy weather of it, for no good reason! I dithered between lots of different ideas, eventually going with a mixture of faces on coins and watch faces, like so:

I'm still not completely happy with it, but I'm glad to have done it at last! As you can see, I've turned the face on a 1p coin into a clock face, by sticking on some old watch hands and writing the numbers around the edge of the backing card. That's the bit that didn't turn out quite as planned (partly because the ink bled slightly) but I'm going to leave it be now or I'll never get this week's challenge completed!


Jennifer Rose said...

the penny looks great with the clock face, i wonder what it would look like in a watch mount :)

i never make a blog comment expecting a comment in return, its nice but not expected. I usually leave comments so the blog poster knows that people appreciate what they are doing :)

Gez Butterworth said...

Brilliant Humel! Thanks for joining us again this week. Hope to see you again soon. Take care. Gez.

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Sorry Mel, don't know what's going on with my post - tried to leave you my email but it published. I think we could email through the forum though ....
My photos don't seem to easily go into place. Just uploading one into position seems to take ages and mucks up all of my formatting for the post. I have no hope getting them in a lovely grid style like your fashion post! Hopefully Shimelle will spend some time on uploading images in the class.
Your blog is such a friendly place to visit, informative and crafty - and your consistency is something I really admire ..... hopefully I can maintain my own as well!

melody said...

that is kewl chickie! love your choice of the clock penny for this week's theme! you go girl!
oh ..and that salmon pasta looks scrumptious!

Carol Plume said...

what a fab inchie - great idea to use a coin! love the addition of the hands too....Thanks for playing along with SCD this week xx