Thursday, 8 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 8

Couple of quick things to share!

A pic:

Mmm, hot toasted and buttered (English) muffins!!

And a craft:

This funny little thing is an inchie, honest lol! Fiona told me about a challenge over at Inchy by Inch; this week's theme was rain and as I got _completely_ drenched walking the kids to school on Tuesday it inspired me to get on with an inchie. I trimmed a square inch of denim fabric, stitched a rainbow and sewed on some pretty glass beads. Unfortunately the stitching distorted the fabric a bit - another time I'd stitch first, measure and trim after! And it frayed, because I hadn't quite followed the warp and weft. But anyway, here's my rainy inchie. It had to have a rainbow because I always try to cheer myself up on rainy days by reminding myself that 'you can't have a rainbow without the rain!' (Sorry, I'm an annoying glass-is-half-full type. Admittedly, sometimes that glass is half-full of something truly disgusting...)


Roberta said...

Great idea! Beautiful work!

Ciao ciao

Ange Moore said...

Love the rainbow and beads!

And you could definitely have a market skirt for youself (over jeans or not). I sometime wish my daughter was less into skirts and more into jeans - but she's only 3 so I'm sure that phase will come!!

K J D said...

I love your inchie..... it's alway special to see a rainbow!


JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Fabby Inchie!!
I love those beaded raindrops!


Fiona said...

What a fab inchy - so glad you joined in - its lovely to see a different medium other than paper - fabric and I just don't get on!