Monday, 5 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 5, and another chance to win


First up, then, Jess asked yesterday if blogging about my giveaway would earn an extra chance to win. The answer is yes! - _if_ you reply to this post, including a link to your blog post (the actual post please!) within your reply. And that applies to everyone lol, not just Jess!!

I am _shattered_ today. Long hard teaching day followed by after-school tuition, and I feel like I'm getting a cold :-( Undaunted though, I press on with Blogtoberfest..! Here's the photo of the day:

Now I know this is not a great photo (it's my bed by the way, in case you couldn't tell! A close-up of my pillow with the duvet turned back invitingly!) but it's a notable photo because I took it with my snazzy new mobile phone :-) I don't intend to be using it much as a camera (I have a pretty decent camera already and I usually have it with me) but I love all the other stuff it can do :-) Oh, and the pic's of my bed because I soooo plan to be heading there before too long...

But first, a quick craft to share:

It's an ATC of pink fibres - I started with a piece of cardstock cut to size, covered it all with double-sided tape, and arranged various pink fibres down it. At the top I cut them to fit the top edge of the card, but at the bottom I left lots of loose ends just hanging. If I ever sort my sewing machine out I may stitch some horizontal lines in pink or white for extra security and interest, but they feel pretty firmly stuck to be honest and I think it looks quite interesting already!

Night night.... (well maybe not quite yet, but soon.....!)


Chasing Purple Dreams said...

Hope you got an early night and that you are feeling better now. Can’t have you under the weather in Blogtober!

Clair said...

What's wrong with the machine chuck? Anything I can help with when I'm in your neck of the woods? x

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel,
You are doing well to continue with the creativity after LSNED - I'm sure the daily blogging really helps. Rest up and get a good nights sleep, I had a sinus infection for almost the entire time I was away for our holiday. I'm just finishing my LSNED final page so I hope to post in the completed book section very soon.

Grace Wong said...

Here's my post:

Patricia said...

Well I don´t have a blog to post your FANTASTIC giveaway, so I´ll just leave this comment here and share the web page of a local artist here, just for your entertainment


Heather said...

Finished my blog for the day and have linked you:-)

humel said...

Thanks for your links, guys :-) Patricia, I'll let you off - you can have an entry anyway!