Saturday, 3 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 3

A post in haste ('post-haste'?!) - just got back from a quick shopping trip that somehow lasted all day, and I'm babysitting for a friend tonight, so I shall have to try to keep the wittering down a bit...

Today's craft:

I printed my name in light grey onto special canvas from Crafty Computer Paper then trimmed it to about 1/8 of A4 (ie, I got 8 names on an A4 sheet, portrait orientation, in 2 columns of 4). I used a kind of satin stitch to cover the name and added a running stitch about 1/2 inch from the edge. I then looped fushia embroidery thread through the running stitch (it's quite difficult to describe, but if anyone is interested enough to ask I'll try to explain in a future post!) I mounted this onto fushia card for added strength and to hide the back of the stitching. I was going to add a lime green tassel but I quite like it without, so I'm leaving it as is for now to see how I feel! (The overall size is approx 3" by 6 3/4" - added to clarify!)

And today's photo:

I love my cherry red Docs :-) They were given to me as a wedding present (I know, unusual wedding gift!) and I've been married over 12 years now, no wonder they look so battered... I was heartbroken recently when the rainbow laces broke beyond being able to be knotted together, but today I found some new rainbow laces on sale in Claire's accessories! Hooray! And they were part of a special offer, so I got hold of a couple of pairs of funky tights and socks as well as two pairs of laces (spares ready for next time, you see), all for a fiver! My life is once again complete... ;-)

Err.... Was this meant to be a quick, short post? Oops! Tomorrow I hope to post a craft tutorial, so do pop back then. There'll also be a chance to gain another entry in my giveaway :-)


viridian said...

I must be dense - but there is no scale on your crafty thing. Is it a nametag? And I like your laces.
Happy Blogtoberfest.

createdbykylie said...

I’ve dropped by whilst blogging around checking out other Blogtoberfest participants and the picky of your docs stopped me in my tracks. A photo of my purple docs with yellow laces featured in one of my Blogtoberfest posts just a couple of days ago! I figured it was too much of a connection to pass by without mentioning.
Look forward to seeing you around the festival; I’m glad to know your docs are back in action, they are the only appropriate footwear for festival going!

Ange Moore said...

Love the well loved well used docs with happt new laces! Did your other half get a pair when you got married too?