Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 13 - another tutorial and another chance to win


Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my recycled paper frame tutorial :-) You've encouraged me to post another one - this is a little flower embellishment which you can turn into a brooch or hair accessory, or add to a card or layout, or.... whatever your imagination suggests!

To start with, you need to cut out a couple of flower shapes from scraps of fabric. The easiest way is to die-cut them but hand-cutting is fine. You need one slightly larger than the other, in coordinating or contrasting colours. I used a Sizzix die (Charms, Flowers #2) to cut out a couple of flowers in red felt, a couple out of an old pair of cotton trousers outgrown (and trashed) by The Girl, and a couple out of fabric swatches I got when we were choosing a new sofa a while back. Here they are:

I put the narrow 'outline' pieces aside for another project and paired up the others:

If you want your embellishment as a brooch (to wear as it is, or to pin to a hat or bag or whatever) or to decorate a hairclip, it's easier to attach that fastening to the back now - you just stitch it to the back of the bottom layer only. I turned one of these into a brooch, and I stitched a safety pin to the back of the larger flower piece like so:

I've used blue thread here so it shows up clearly for illustrative purposes, but ordinarily I'd have used red so it blends in. Having said that, this part of the embellishment is hidden at the back so it doesn't really matter!

Now you decide how much decoration to add. The ultra-easy version just needs you to stitch the two layers together with a button:

But if you're feeling adventurous, you could go for the only-slightly-more-difficult version where you add a few decorative stitches to each flower before you sew them together with a button:

And then just attach to your clothing, bag, card, scrapbook page, hair or whatever project it is you had in mind!

Once again, I'd welcome feedback - please leave a comment :-) In particular, are the instructions clear enough? Do I witter on too much or do I need to explain a bit more? Are the photos clear enough? Too many pics? Too few? Just about right? Any particular steps not as easy to understand? Many thanks for your feedback - and in return, you can have an extra entry into my giveaway!


bubbachenille said...

Hi, It's all perfectly clear to me ! Nice job...

Clair said...

The photos by themselves make the projects pretty clear - emphasis on pretty! Yay!

Patricia said...

It´s very clear to me! I have some fabric and felt at home... it think i´ll give it a try!

Vic said...

Grand job - I like looking at tute MUCH more than I like making them... ;)

I'm so glad you like the braclet, I like it too! I'll cross my fingers for you....! *shhhhh!* lol

Claire said...

Oh thank you, very cute!!

Grethic said...

Its a clear to me. I have a challenge to create headgear as secret santa hmm, I have a feeling that fabric flowers may feature.....

Birgit said...

Another great idea -- now I just need some time for crafting. :)

Greetings from Munich,