Thursday, 1 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 1

OK then, here we go. I mentioned Blogtoberfest in another post a little while ago, but it feels more official somehow if I make a separate post for it!

Here is my Blogtoberfest pledge (cue patriotic music of your choice):

I pledge to post on my blog each day throughout October. (NB Setting up autoposts if I know I'm going to be away will be OK. Also, I don't get to beat myself up about it if I miss a day somehow. This is a guilt-free project. Does this last negate the term 'pledge'?)

I pledge to include a photo from my day within each post wherever possible.

I pledge to include a craft within each post wherever possible - or at least, to try to blog about a craft project each day anyway, even if it ends up a separate post.

I pledge to run a giveaway at some point over the month.

I pledge to visit the other bloggers who are taking part, but to allow myself time to do this and not try to do it all in one evening...

I pledge to have FUN with this!!

I already did the photo thing and the craft thing today, so won't do them again now; if you haven't seen them already they're here. I need to gather a few goodies for the giveaway but will get onto that asap, watch this space... ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Wow blog about a craft project everyday? that's alot of pressure. Can't wait to see what the month holds :o)