Monday, 12 October 2009

12th of Blogtober and 2nd Fashion Forward

Day 12, and I'm still here :-) And the second Fashion Forward Monday gives me a ready-made topic to blog about! Still don't feel in the slightest bit qualified to share fashiony stuff but as I don't seem to have been banned from the Paper Pocket blog yet I'm guessing what I did last week must've been OK... But what to do this week?

Well, I'm a big fan of accessories, especially necklaces. I love bracelets too but it's harder to wear them 'cos I have to wear a MedicAlert bracelet all the time (nut allergy) and not many bracelets go with that... So anyway, I thought I'd look around various sites I've come across in the last month or so where I spotted bee-yoo-tiful necklaces and a pretty accessory or two, and share some of the gorgeousness with you all!

Lisa Leonard Designs has stunningly simple silver designs, such as this necklace, 'Be Still'.

CurlyPops has a funky way with felt! Here's one of her fabby products, 'Pretty Flower Brooch - Greens':

Twitterpated by Design does delicate things with wire and beads. I'm loving the 'Red Pearl Necklace'!

And Sadee Schilling Studio uses amazing artwork to do wonderful things, such as create glass tile pendants - like this one, 'Original Art Circles':

And then there are these:

(Buttons and beads on waxed cotton thread)

(Painted silk and beads)

(Die-cut and stitched faux-leather with beads on suede thongs)

You may have been able to tell by the quality of the photos... but the last three were actually all made and photographed by me :-) They were all Breakaway crafts at various different times. I may do a tutorial on them some time!

And they're also today's craft for Blogtoberfest :-) And the whole lot is my pic of the day! See you tomorrow...


paperpocket said...

They're all super pretty, particularly the top silver one <3 Haha i'd never ban you my love, you're coming up with some cool stuff. You've actually reminded me that i love wearing cute hats!

keep joining in :)

Pretty Neat Designs said...

The first necklace is lovely. I'm always ready for an accessory!

Clair said...

Mel! These are fabulous finds - I love the red/pearl combo, it's simple but lovely. A bit like me :)

And you should definitely try some jewellery tutorials, but's harder work than it looks!!! x

Emily said...

Love love love all of this.

Ange Moore said...

Wow - the Lisa Leonard pendant is beautiful! May have to go have a look-see at her other stuff.

Courtney said...

Oooh, love that first necklace! Anything with a little bird is a-ok by me.

Kylie said...

Great finds :) K

Weza said...

I loove the last leather with beads and suede. Is funky as. I also love the glass bead and the silver pendant at the top.
Nice finds.
Curlys brooch is very cute too

Dawn said...

Wow these are all stunning!

Chasing Purple Dreams said...

Some great finds here Mel; I think we must have very similar taste. I picked up a Curly Pops brooch just like the one in your post just the other day. I was so thrilled with it I had to blog about it here.