Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Yesterday's project - a digi LO

The project I mentioned yesterday? I did finish it, but it was so late by then that I decided to save it till today to post it. Here it is:
It's a digi LO, but I plan to make a paper version of it when I get round to printing the photos (and figure out how to use the ancient sewing machine my Mum donated to her ungrateful daughter...). I've been drawn to green things a lot lately - especially shades of lime - so decided to document a few of them. I'd like to do LOs for different colours in a similar way some time and eventually put together a 'rainbow' album. All the digi supplies were free downloads from various sources, mainly Shabby Princess (the link to the website doesn't seem to be working for me right now so I've linked to their blog instead for now).

I'd forgotten, too, that in the Learn Something New Every Day class we'll be working a day behind, so I won't be scrapping today's 'thing learnt' till tomorrow... Yes, I know it's obvious when you think about it!! Of course, chances are I'll be rather more than just one day behind by the end of September, but I'll do my best - and I'll definitely be making notes in my new notebook and taking loads of photos, that bit I can do!

Shimelle does this funny - and very sensible - thing where she refers to her husband as 'The Boy'. The name comes from the fact that he's younger than she is, and she does it to give him some privacy. She says that just because she's chosen to 'put herself in the public domain', doesn't mean he should be thrust there too. Photos are OK, but by withholding his name he preserves a bit of mystery and privacy! It makes sense to me. Now, my husband is younger than I am, too (and rubs it in mercilessly during the few months that my age is a year more than his) but I've decided that it would be better to refer to him as 'The Doctor' ('cos he is one lol - academic rather than medical) so that my son can be 'The Boy' and my daughter can be 'The Girl'. That's the plan, anyway. If I remember...

Still trying to figure out the formatting of these posts. I'm supposedly using the 'WYSIWYG' version but it doesn't always turn out that way! Also, does anyone know how to change the default font? I thought I'd found a way, but no, apparently not :-( At the moment I'm having to manually change the font with every new post, and it's a pain in the neck!!


hanbunny said...

Love your green layout, a great way of scrapping lots of photos! Hope you're busy learning today :-) hannah x www.twolittlepearls.blogspot.com

Ann Freeman (mafswife) said...

Green Lo is lovely!! looking forward to seeing you lsned pages! Ann

Clair said...

Hey Lady. I'm loving your blogging style - and look at you with your followers already :)

If you really want to change your default font, you'll probably need to change the html in your template. Always save a back-up copy of your template and try these instructions. Good luck x