Wednesday, 23 September 2009

What colo(u)r am I?

Still tired but suddenly had to do something with this challenge before I go to bed! It's not a LO, it's an ATC, but here it is:

I copied a photo of me a few times and changed the colour of each one, printed them all and cut around the outlines then layered them onto a white background. A Dymo strip added the caption.

It certainly fits my initial response to the theme of the challenge, which was 'How am I supposed to choose?!' It really does depend on my mood on that day!
  • Right now I'm feeling mostly like the left-hand image - a bit faded and washed out, bluey-grey, almost faint. That also matches the days when I'm feeling quiet and colourless and solitary, through choice or because my self-confidence has taken a nose-dive for some reason.
  • The next image, the orangey-red one, almost glows. It's how I feel when I see a beautiful sunset - it's as if how I feel inside at that moment reflects the gorgeous glowing sky. It's also the warm feeling I get when I feel that rush of love when spending quality time with or thinking about my husband or children.
  • The third pic is one where I ramped up the contrast. It represents me when I'm teaching; I tend to 'perform' when I teach, exaggerating certain mannerisms, prancing round the room, big gesticulatory hand and arm movements, theatrical voice. I'm a version of me when I teach, but not my exact self.
  • Green - because I'm increasingly drawn to this colour in its various shades, but also because of health problems in the past (I hope just in the past!) so I've had times of being quite sickly.
  • The next one is purple which is my favourite colour, but this image also speaks to me of snuggling up on the sofa with a good book or watching something on TV, with a drink of something nice and maybe some chocolate.
  • And the final image is unedited. It's pink-toned, which I like to think matches my generally rosy outlook - I'm a pretty upbeat, optimistic person! But you need to put all those different shades together to get all of me.
I shall go to bed very soon, I promise :-) But I feel better for doing this - I do love to create! Thanks for looking :-)


Kim said...

LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

-Kim, AAM DT

Clair said...

Mel! That's pretty nifty! Thanks so much for joining in the challenge - and so quickly. Looking forward to our get together in the real world, but wondering which one of your many personalities I'm going to meet. I promise I won't bring my beige one :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool! I'm glad I'm not the only one with more than one personality;)

Miranda said...

Love your ATC. Great how you colored your photo!

Jessica Griffin said...

And a beautiful FACE!!

Gez Butterworth said...

wow! that is so clever. Brilliant.xx

janis said...

love your atc and what you did with your color layers.... thanks for the inspiration i want to do this too in the future. ;o)

thanks for playing along with us over at aam!