Friday, 11 September 2009


This is the LO I did today:
You may recognise the photos, I shared them a few days ago (here). I just had to scrap the main pic as a 'Wanted' poster :-) I was thinking kind of Western theme, so wood tones, sepia etc. I took down the saturation of the photos before printing (slightly less so with the main pic, but a lot with the smaller ones. The original pics were way too bright). I sanded the edges of the little pics then inked with a couple of different shades of brown and a tiny bit of black. I crumpled up the main photo. Aww, cute lil hamster face... Who could bring themselves to crumple you up? I have a hard heart, what can I tell you? ;-) I then flattened it out again and sanded the edges, allowing them to tear slightly. This I mounted on a piece of brown paper bag, which had also been crumpled and flattened, adding Doodlebug Just My Type stickers to spell out 'Wanted'.

The background cardstock is Basic Grey, from their Aged & Confused Sublime Collection. I layered up a page from an old book, strips of different paper and card and the Wanted 'poster'. The smaller pics went along the bottom, with type-written captions ('the scene of the crime', 'the evidence', 'the hideout'). A few strips of parcel tape across the corners of the 'poster' finished off the LO. (I wanted to add a piece of string I found but just didn't find a way!)

By the way, no, I haven't finished the housework... But I've done quite a lot so I reckon I've earned a rest! ;-)

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