Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Review of Week 3

This week seems to have gone by very fast! Once again, here are a few extra things that I've learnt over the last week but which I didn't put into my album:
  • Technology is never straightforward (this was when my internet was playing up, but before I realised how problematic it would become!)
  • You _can_ get a lot done in a meeting (but will always get sidetracked at least once or twice)
  • I know a lot of people! (Learnt as I walked back to my car after dropping the kids off at school, and stopped to exchange greetings with so many other parents along the way)
  • A group of jellyfish is called a 'smack' (thanks, Shimelle - I like this one very much)
  • I smile at dogs!! (It's true lol but I never properly realised it before - when I pass someone who is walking their dog, I always smile at the dog!)
  • Some people are _rude_ (I was trying to order a cup of tea and the woman at the serving hatch - who had asked me what I wanted - walked off to continue a conversation with a friend halfway through my order! And didn't even apologise when she eventually came back!)
  • It's good to get to know new friends
  • Check what food we have in the house _before_ going shopping!! (Should've learnt this last week after overbuying bagels, but no... I came home from the supermarket with 6 loaves of bread, to discover that we had 4 in the freezer, 2 1/2 in the cupboard, and - *doh!* - I'd made this one the day before, too...)

  • You can buy Costa Gingerbread Syrup from Roadchef services!
  • People have different standards of cleanliness and hygiene regarding their home. It can be difficult to stay in the house of someone whose standards are significantly lower than your own
  • Patience and toleration (though these are ongoing lessons and I'm not so great at them yet)
  • It's good to be home
  • Sometimes people let you down
  • My friend's driving is quite an experience...!
Phew... Some of these lessons were not easy, some were not pleasant. It's good to look back and see the balance of those with more light-hearted lessons, to put things in perspective. I'm definitely taking more time to reflect during this class. It's good :-)

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