Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Review of week 2

I've made it to the end of the second week of my Learn Something New Every Day project, and I'm still up to date with my pages - woo-hoo!! So here are a few more of the things I learnt that didn't make it into my album.
  • I won some blog candy!
  • It's much easier to dish up dinner in a tidy kitchen.
  • Photocopying for a term's worth of Sunday Club takes a _lot_ of time (nearly 2 hours) and a _lot_ of paper (3 packets):
  • The swimbags I got ready for the kids' swimming lessons? I forgot to put the swimming costumes in!! (Luckily I learnt this before we left the house!)
  • What Marmite tastes like (Yuck!!!) I realised that I hated the smell of it so much I'd never even tasted it - I was surprised at how salty it was, but it tastes as disgusting as it smells (to me, I know there are some strange people out there who actually like it. Even The Doctor and The Boy...)
  • We didn't need any more bagels. Learnt this _after_ I'd bought them. At least they freeze well.
  • _Always_carry_your_camera_. I missed the chance to photograph a cloud shaped just like a huge arrow - briefly, a plane was flying straight towards it as well! WHY did I assume there'd be nothing to photograph on the school run???
  • Sunday Club will be up and down. That's just how it will be.
  • '!' is well hidden on my typewriter.
  • I missed The Doctor _so_ much while he was away at a conference.
  • Allow more time than you think you'll need.
  • It might be difficult, having The Girl in my class once a week :-( She doesn't cope well with the difference between 'Mum' at home and 'Miss' at school...
That's a lot of learning... Such a strange variety of trivial, silly, special, hard, fun lessons. I'm loving this class :-)

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scrappyjacky said...

Once this class gets you thinking...it's just amazing how much you learn every day!! And I still haven't got any of it on paper...apart from jotting some notes!!!!