Monday, 7 September 2009

Reflections on the first week

And so the first week of Learn Something New Every Day draws to a close... It seems like a good opportunity to think back over the week and the things I've learnt. Here are a few of the lessons that didn't make it into the album (for various different reasons):
  • We didn't have the latest version of Acrobat Reader (and that's why Shimelle's prompts didn't look right when I opened them....)
  • It's amazing how quickly I can feel bogged down - almost trapped - by Sunday Club. Scary.
  • (Following day) It's amazing how Sunday Club always works out, and I just need to trust God with it! Why do I have to keep learning that lesson over and over?!
  • Freshly-laid eggs taste _really_ good :-)
  • I really ought to pack the children's PE bags a little earlier than the morning of the first day back to school...
  • I do have pumps the right size for both children after all!
  • Glazing makes such a difference. (Before and after shots - wish I had a 'during' shot of the painted but unglazed cup and saucer)
  • Sometimes inspiration strikes the _second_ time you look at something...
  • How to join Flickr, upload photos to my account, make a contact there.
  • Back to school is tiring. For the kids, and for me. (And my term hasn't started yet.)
  • I seem to have gotten away with spilling juice on the laptop last night...
  • I am _loving_ being creative every day.
  • The game can change in the last few minutes. (Aldershot 0 Hereford 2 after 86 minutes. Aldershot 2 Hereford 2 after 90 minutes.)
  • Pasta + passata + tuna + olives + goats cheese = yummy! (Even if it looks a bit iffy in the photo!)
  • I can be inventive with rub-ons when I'm down to the last few, and don't have the letter I need.
And a few more things, but I think the variety in that list sums up the week quite well! I love the way that it tells the story of my days. A couple of these I'll scrap separately some time, some will just stay recorded in my notebook as part of what I've produced for this project. I may forget the back story to some, though if it's important to me I've noted it down. I really like that I'm not just producing an album during this class; the album, notebook and this blog are all required to fully tell the story. And I'm still up to date (so far) which is definitely a good thing!


Jessica Griffin said...

You know... when I was pregnant with Gabriella, all I ate was eggs! Egg anything, and everything. That and Onion Sunchips. I had NO idea I was pregnant. I have no idea how I couldn't know- those are now the two most disgusting things EVER!! You wont catch me eating the chips, and very RARELY do I eat eggs! (That's what the egg picture reminded me of.)


Looks like a good week! Do you HAVE chickens? And did you "create" the tea cup? I'm jealous. You seem to have a lot of fun stuff going on over there. Maybe I ought to hand deliver your package... and stay a while! ;)

Helena said...

Hi Mel and thanks for your comment. I just started Shimelle's class so I'm way behind, but I plan to catch up soon.

Salutami tuo marito (say hello to your hubby for me):)

humel said...

Hey, Jess :-) No, sadly we don't have our own chickens, though I'd love to one day - the eggs were given to us by the parents of a friend of The Boy's who came over to play last week. When I was pregnant with The Boy I craved tuna and cucumber sandwiches - which isn't so weird, except that I was vegetarian at the time...

The cup and saucer I painted at a place called The Potting Shed ( I took the kids there in the summer and they chose a figurine each, but I wasn't letting them have all the fun!! The Potting Shed people provide the 'blanks' and the paints, then glaze your work for you too. I picked up our finished pieces last week. It's amazing to see the transition from the chalky, pastelly shades after painting to the vibrant, glazed version!

And hey, you'd be very welcome to visit ;-)