Wednesday, 9 September 2009

No longer up to date :-(

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Still no photo paper :-( The postie teased me today by struggling to fit a package through my letterbox, but it wasn't the paper - it was my replacement flash drive! I'm glad to have that, sure, but oh - when will my photo paper arrive??? So, I still have no new pages for Learn Something New to share, and while I have been crafting a bit today nothing's in a finished enough state to post...

Instead, here's another 'past project':
It's a card I made for The Doctor for our anniversary a couple of years ago. I cut the red heart freehand - still can't believe it came out so straight! I cut a square aperture in another piece of red card, added a rub-on, and wrapped string around it. I mounted that and the heart onto a white tri-fold base card and drew some 'stitching' with a black fine-liner. Here's the inside:
I made a pocket from another piece of red card, rub-on and piece of string, and stuck that in the middle panel. I also made a tag from red and white card, more string and a third rub-on:
That tucks into the pocket. A rectangle of red card on the last panel of the card for me to write my message on, and all done :-)

Have you come across Craft It Wednesday? Each week you post up a new project (which is allowed to be an old project, like mine here!) It's the site where I learnt what 'meme' means. I'm not telling you lol - go find out for yourself! ;-)

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lv2scpbk said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog. Cute card. I'm sort of doing Shimelle's class Something New too. Although as of right now only got the printing each day of suggestions out.

I finally got my new giveaways posted. Come take a look. I am trying to follow your blog if I can ever get it to work.